GE-Finance Leadership Program


Hello guys, did anyone apply for GE’s finance leadership program this year? wondering how long they take to invite us for the online tests. I sent my application today

Any inputs will be highly appreciated. Thanking you



Hi , GE don’t use online tests as Im sure you have found out by now. I applied on the 28th, had a phone interview a few days later and have an assessment centre on the 13th of October. Let me know if you need more info


Hi Nathan, I have a phone interview with GE coming up and I was wondering what yours involved? Were you successful with your application?


I had a phone interview with GE lat week for the FMP. It didn’t go so well and the woman wasn’t very friendly (at least that’s how it seemed to me). The email I got said it would be all competency questions but it wasn’t - she asked me about the FMP, about GE and why I wanted to work in finance which I hadn’t really prepared for so that was quite annoying. Also with the competencies she mostly didn’t ask me ‘tell me about a time when…’; instead I had to come up with competencies myself and then give examples which was a bit weird. She did ask me a couple though - the ones I remember were ‘when did you come up with an innovative solution to a problem?’, ‘when did you have to meet a deadline and what steps did you take to meet this?’ and ‘when did you delegate responsibility to others?’. All quite specific situations which I find it hard to think of examples for so just make sure you’re well-prepared competency-wise.


Guys, does anyone know anything about finance test at GE FMP. I have assessment center in moscow, never heard of finance test before, used to numerical and logical tests. Does anyone know what this finance test about/how to prepare for it?