Hey guys I wonder if anyone has any tips for the assesment center for FMP and RMP in GE (especially in UK) what to expect and ways to be as fully prepared as possible. I would really appriciate any assistance thank you very much. Wish you every success in your jobhunting!


Hey KonPapas,

I was wondering whether you have already attended the AC?
I am currently applying for the FMP and would highly appreciate some advice on the overall application process with GE.

Thanks and good luck with getting the job!


Hey guys,

The little information I was given about ACs at GE was that they’re very similar to other financial institutions. Expect group studies, one-on-one interviews and presentations. Nothing complicated.


Also, I’m guessing you’re applying for the Non-EU FMPs? E.g. Asia, ME…



Thanks WokSz! I am applying for the UK FMP, starting next February.
Did you interview with GE? How was it?
I’d greatly appreciate some insider info.

All success in finding the right job.


Hey guys,

I was wondering is there anyone, who’s attending the 13th Oct FMP AC in Hammersmith? It would be great to get introduced before the actual day.

Also if somebody has more info on the specifics of the finance quiz and the group exercise, please share! It’s highly appreciated!

Best of luck to all!


Hello everybody,

can you, guys, share your experience from GE Capital AC? In particular, what the group assingment and 101 interviews were focused on? I would really appreciate any advice.