GE Cap, LSE, MFG, BLMBG & More opportunities... Free Advice.


Hi Everybody,

I have, or are at will imminently receive, offers from:

GE Capital - 12 month Intern
MF Global - Graduate scheme
CME Group - Research Analyst DJI
Bloomberg - Data Entry
London Stock Exchange - Graduate Scheme
Boutique Hedge Funds/Asset Management - Operations

Fortunately, towards the conclusion of my job search (i.e. after a disappointing 6 months), I found the most effective way to find a career.

Which of the aforementioned would you chose? Send me an email and I could advise on potential opportunities.

Many thanks.


Completely depends on your career ambitions, personality and understanding of the particular roles.

These are very different roles, surely you should know which one you liked the most during the interview process.


Too true. Whilst I am keen to pursue a career in Finance, I know not in which capacity; hence my ambivalence. Therefore I am aiming for a Company with gravitas that would look good on the CV and would help me nurture a particular interest in a particular field/ asset class. A place like the LSE for example is a good case in point as it also straddles industry and finance.

What do you think?


If your aim is to have a top paying job in banking the only ones to consider would the MF Global role and possibly the hedge fund, depending on the exact role and the progression routes within the firm.

You have to realise that each of these firms is in a completely different area of the business and hence it would be fairly easy to do some research on the net and find out how to roles differ.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what your strengths are and what you look for in a job. It’s is highly unlikely that you would get the same satisfaction from each of these jobs. And remember, job satisfaction is important because if you want to excel then you have to put a lot of hours in.