GCSE Requirements

Baker Tilly

I just wanted to ask about the minimum requirements for the big 4, specifically the GCSE requirements. First of all i dont want you to think i want sympathy i just want some answers.
I messed up on my GCSE English language exam and got a C in it. As 3/4 of the big 4 want a A/B in eng lang i was wondering what my options are for them, whether i could use the excuse that i had a really rubbish teacher who didnt teach us at all and the head of department had to intervene, or will that just fall on deaf ears plus I’m not sure if the school will back me on this so im not counting on it.
I did however get a B in English literature but as they seem to want language im doubtful for that as well.

I also would like to know what other companies policy are on GCSE grades especially the smaller firms like Baker Tilly and the like, if they dont say on their website about GCSE requirements does that mean they will consider my application.

And last of all what is their policy on retakes, i know some only accept the grades that you got on your first go.

So any help will be much appreciated.


To be honest even though its a requirement they should take into account your other GCSE/A-Level/Uni grades so on blip shouldnt matter too much aslong as you make a good application, take a bit more time on the application questions show them you can talk proper!

good luck


Hi Simon44

I have the same identical problem as you! I got a C in eng language and a B in eng literature. I’m thinking of using the same excuse as you and blaming the teacher for putting me through for the foundation paper (in which the maximum you can achieve is a C) instead of the higher paper.

Has it worked for you? Have you recieved a job offer yet?

If not I’m thinking of just lying on the application form and hoping for the best :frowning:

A reply is much appriciated

Thanks in advance


I work for PWC and I retook maths GCSE as I peeked academically later. So as long as the rest of your application is strong it shouldn’t really matter.


I have a C in both Eng Language and Literature yet I have still been offered a position by one of the Big4.

As long as the rest of your application (UCAS and degree) meet the requirements I don’t think this is a problem. I wouldn’t recommend lying on your application form though as if you do manage to get an offer a simple check by the firm will mean the withdrawal of said offer.


thanks for the advice guys I’ll just have to keep trying