GCSE C english - Which firms can/can't I apply for?

Baker Tilly
Grant Thornton

Ive taken KPMG, Ernst and Young, Baker Tilly, BDO, Grant Thornton and possibly PwC out of the equation.

I did retake it to get a B 5 months later but I don’t think this will pass. Any guidance? Im on track to get a 1st in a science degree.


Hi FreakOut,

I’ve just graduated with a 2.1 in Engineering and I find myself in the same position as you. It does get quite annoying that the C in my GCSE English is holding me back from making as many applications as I would like, especially seeing as I’ve compensated with good results since then (All A’s at AS & A-Level, and A* in GCSE Maths).

Anyway, rant over. I don’t know what you’re situation is now but I’ve made a spreadsheet of the top 50 accountancy practices (according to AccountancyAge) which highlight the companies for which you can and can’t apply. It would save some time if you haven’t does this already I guess.

Just send me a private message if you’re interested.



Just read that back and wrote “you’re” instead of “your” haha. Guess I deserved that C after all :stuck_out_tongue: