Gazprom Interview


Hello guys…Please, Can anyone share his graduate interview experience with Gazprom?


When did you get your interview?


Can somebody please PM me the contact details, some people have been sent online tests and others invites to interviews, I just want an update!


I completed the online tests and was invited to do a personality questionnaire. I thought it was AC afterwards? Am I right?


Same for me… Online test->Personality questionnaire!!
It said should complete it by 11th…rnt we all on the same phase??


Same here;
could you guys remind about the role we are applying for? i applied for the front office; is it a rotational scheme? what other roles did they have?




Same for me - work strengths, personality questionnaire by April 11th. I am about to do it tomorrow. Has anyone already done it? What did they ask?


I think they are dealing with applicants in batches, has anybody been confirmed an interview or AC slot after they completed the online tests/personality questionaire?


No. Did the personality questionnaire yesterday and heard no response as yet. I think its AC afterwards but on the website it says we should have had ACs in March or early April. They must have lots of applicants.


Anybody got an AC invite?


Have you got?

I have not heard anything back from them yet…


What’s the nature of the online test?


I got an AC invite. Anyone know what the salary is?


mc17 do you know what the AC involves? I haven’t received the AC details yet but I got the invitation. I don’t know what the salary is.


Hey guys I got the invite as well, what programmes did you apply for? I applied for trading.


Got invite too!!! Your AC in mid-may?


AC on the 12th of May
I applied for Finance


Hi guys, does anybody know whether they reimburse travel expenses for AC?


I dont think they do as it is not mentioned in the email. So is it just me for the trading AC at the moment, or are there any others?