Gazprom Graduate Programme 2012


Who applied? Have you guys heard back? What programme?


I applied to HR. Submitted my app on the 29th November, had an email to sit the tests on the 13th December, did those straight away, then got another email on the 22nd December asking me to fill in some competency questions. Sent that back on the 3rd January and haven’t heard anything since. No idea how long that wait is likely to be now.


Completed the test in Dec, havent heard back so far.


Glad I’m not the only one! Any idea when we should we hearing back?


I applied for the Finance scheme and then did the tests and then I received an email of the competency questions which have now been completed for a while now. I still have not heard anything yet.


Hi guys/girls,

I also applied in November and received the tests on the same dates (for Risk). Got an invite for a telephone interview tomorrow.

Hope this helps.


Cool man. Did you get asked to do the competency questions or just straight to telephone interview?


I only did two tests (sent 13th and 22th Dec).


How did the telephone interview go? Do you mind sharing what the questions were?


did online tests then competency questions then asked to sit a verbal test last week and haven’t heard back yet?


I did the verbal test, now waiting for the results


rejected today for commercial role.


Ah damn, sorry to hear that in_zider. Did they give you any feedback?


Very odd circumstances - was rejected last week (following tests and competency questions) and just had another email saying that they have reassessed my application and changed their minds! So apparently I’m back in the process and now required to take another online test. I assume this is different to the tests I did before the competency questions though I can’t remember exactly what the other tests were.


Same thing happened me hannah1710, only I was rejected before even doing the online tests! Got the invite to do the numerical tests today, how did everyone find them?


I wonder if they’ll also make us do logical reasoning.


I passed my verbal test and had a telephone interview earlier today. It was completely competency based - no motivation questions or anything at all - 6 questions, 2 on each of 3 areas which they told me when they rang to arrange it. The next stage is an assessment centre but have been told it could be a few weeks before I hear anything more.


Well done. How long was your interview?


So I’ve just done the numerical test, thought it went ok. Much easier than SHL I think. Do you know if we can obtain the results of this on the Saville Consulting website? What happens how, do I simply just wait… What I gather from reading above is that they contact you at some point about the next stage? How long does it take them to respond before you get invited to the next assessment stage? Just wondering when I can expect an email!!! Good luck to everyone and thanks for clarifying…


After the numerical tests you’ll get sent some competency questions to answer. If i remember correctly you have a week roughly to answer them and send them back to gazprom. Once you pass this stage you then get sent a verbal reasoning test which is pretty straightforward.