Gallup telephone interview


Dear guys, does anybody have telephone interview experience with Gallup. Thank you for your help.


what position have you applied for?


Management Consultant - Asia Focus, any suggestion? The person who contacted told me that it will be a psychometric test based interview. what could that be? Thanks


Not sure I get you. Is it a [[telephone interview]] or a [[aptitude tests|psychometric test]]? To my knowledge, you cannot have a telephone based psychometric test.


That’s what i was confuesd as well. She said it will be a psychometric test based on telephone interview. Have you had some experience dealling with Gallup? THanks


No direct experience. And certainly no experience of a telephone psychometric. [[Telephone Interview]]s are 99% of the time, entirely [[competency based interview|competency based]].

I think either your contact is confused, or has confused you - I recommend calling again to confirm.

If you really do have a telephone psychometric, I can only imagine you should expect [[brain teaser questions]] and that sort of thing. But I can’t imagine this would happen!

I’m really interested to find out about this - can you keep us posted on your findings!?


Yes, alright, I will. However, I do will have to prepare some competency based answers. Thank you.


Yeah, i’m pretty sure that telephone interviews are always just those annoying ‘competency questions’. I read a pretty guide to [[competency based questions]] in The Gateway recently, i’d certainly recommend it.

Hope this helps.


I got an interview too!

Usually competency based interviews last for 30mins on average… but the lady told me that it will be for one hour!!! I asked her whether its competency based interview and she replied that its a behavour based interview!

anyone for any clue what that means??


I am having Gallup phone interview soon too.

Would yungeqi and IBD_Haunter kindly share with us what the interview that you guys experienced was like? What questions were asked in the interview? any difference between the Gallup interview and the traditional competency interview?

Thanks in advance and good luck to your applications!


Hi guys,

had an intereview with Gallup 2 weeks ago…the only thing I can say is just to be honest…I cant really understand what they want to make out of their interviews…but they are really pushy…and you cant really prepapre for them…


hi guys,
I have Gallup telephonic interview scheduled for tomorrow. can anyone tell me about what kind of questions they ask?