Gallup Consulting


Does anyone have any experience of this company, the recruitment process, working there, salary??

I have a telephone interview coming up. It’s based on psychometric/talent testing questions.

any info would be great!



Hey Zoya - I just had their interview. It’s really an extension of their online psychometric test with an opportunity to explain with examples. The responses are recorded and analyzed later. The interviewer does not interpret the questions, but only repeats. That was little unsettling for me, since there’s really no two way communication… anyway, lets see what happens… good luck to you.

I too am interested to learn more about Gallup … more about the company, how is it to work there, growth potential, compensation, etc…



I just had their telephone interview today. It was a very bizarre experience with a robot lady who read out questions from a sheet of paper. I was not impressed. They asked me a lot of questions about when I had to sell things. how i felt about being a good sales person and what is a good sale. I’ve researched a lot into management and various other consulting and must say am not turned on by anything to do with making sales. they also asked how i make a workplace feel like family. this sounds like a weird cult of family salemen!

I’ve read elsewhere that gallup pay 10% less than the major strategy houses and about 1%-2% less than the big four. They have a very flat matrix like structure where everyone is encouraged to work with each other without divisions of junior or manager. That also means you have less chance of progression upwards but you do get compensated salary wise and get to take on more complex project work.

I also get the feeling they don’t like to micromanage and let people go along their freely. they sound like hippies with very progressive views. everything is about the relationship. relationship between employees, employers and employees, employees and clients, clients and clients. every business transaction should be a very important relationship.

Have you found out how you’ve done?