Future opportunities with Audit vs Tax


Are you limiting your future opportunities post qualification if you go down the Tax route versus Audit? I know that audit is more general than the other one, but surely Big Four is Big Four and so it shouldn’t matter?

Also while we’re at at, are some tax specialties more limiting than others e.g. Corporate Tax versus Private Client Services?


This is exactly what I’ve been tryng to work out recently…thanks the09…so any advice welcome!

I’ve been looking at emigrating on qualification and am worried that tax will limit my options…eg all jobs on mydeparturelounge.com for are for audit…



Perhaps the best option would be to do tax while you qualify - since you’ll get your accountancy qualification and learn all the technical tax stuff which the broader ACA/CA won’t teach you and then once you qualify do a 6-12 month secondment to audit. That way you’ll avoid all the mind numbing ticking across and routine work 1st and 2nd year auditors get stuck with pre qualification, have practical experience of audit and know all the tax stuff.

I imagine that you make you pretty attractive to employers if you were to leave afterwards…