Future BBC Jobs - All Sectors


As you probably know, next year the BBC’s moving around 20,000 staff jobs from London to Salford, near Manchester.

But, it’s a big upheaval and not everyone wants to go. So, there’ll be quite a few new positions up for grabs in media, HR, marketing, finance etc.

The Beeb’s put up a new website explaining all at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/jobs/north/index.shtml

So, it’s worth checking the site regularly for suitable vacancies.



I believe that the department in Manchester is only media & entertainment, but I could be wrong! I think a lot of the admin stuff and also a large number of the non-entertainment TV stuff (e.g. factual television like documentaries) is staying in London.


No, it’s not just media and entertainment jobs. Text and videos on the BBC ‘Salford move’ website also specifically talk about HR, finance positions etc.