Fujitsu video interview



So I have a video interview for Fujitsu. Has anyone done one of these or have any idea of what they are looking for?
Would be really grateful for some insight as I cant seem to find anything online anywhere!


I had one recently. It's a lot like a phone interview in that you will be asked competency based questions. You are able to practice in front of the camera before starting, I'd recommend finding a comfortable spot with a background that you and anyone watching won't find too distracting. The practice allows you to watch yourself back and I found this very useful in getting more comfortable and relaxed speaking to camera.

You get a question appear in writing on the screen and have 30 seconds to think of an answer before there's is another countdown for the camera to roll (I think 3 or 5 seconds). So you effectively have just over 30 seconds to think of an answer and compose yourself.

Like I said, questions are competency based so review the answers you gave in your application questions section and/or think of more ideas. The advice Fujitsu give is to show some personality, so to that end it might be best not to over prepare because it might appear as if you are reading from a script.

One question that I felt caught me out was a question about a time you showed your sense of morality (or a question to that effect). I hadn't thought in advance of an answer, so this question was probably when I seemed the least relaxed and gesticulated a lot, desperately trying to structure my answer and think of more words! - I'm not sure if this counted for or against me in the showing personality stakes but I passed overall.

Best of Luck!


Dear ICU812, Can you please tell us the nature of the questions? What were they like? what do they look for apart from personality?


How long did you get to answer each question?


Hi, I have a video interview coming up for the grad role. Can anybody advise on the types of questions that come up?


Thanks for giving us insight to your application. Did you choose the Fujitsu graduate scheme in the end? And if so how have you found your experience?