Fujitsu: Business Consulting


Hi Guys,

Just got on the Business Consulting programme Graduate Scheme with Fujitsu starting in september. I am really looking forward to starting and was just wondering if there is anyone on here who is already working for fujtisu and could give me any extra information about my specific programme or just general life at fujitsu.



Hey TheOne, have you got any tips for the interview with Fujitsu? It would be really useful to find out more :slight_smile:


Please do not apply Fujitsu Jobs bulling no handshakes before or after the interview and they do not bother about your academy qualification because they use HP Radia and Ms SCCM (This means not really want you in first place job already filled up but advertise job for paper work reason). Their cherry picking attitude will damage your job seeking confidence unless you already served in arm forces and having DV level clearance some possibility to get job (WASTE OF TIME & WASTE OF MONEY).


Hi @londonboyuk44 is it really that bad? Have you got anyone with a terrible experience with the program at all ? I would like to know about that in detail if that’s not a big problem ?