FSA telephone interview



Got a telephone interview with the soon disbanded regulators coming on monday. Heres a list of competencies they want to ask me about:

Should last about 30mins. Just want peoples general opinions on these, what do they want to hear? Im pretty certain I can give examples that demonstrate all of them but would like to know in what way I should gear them.

Grateful to any advice here,




I have mine tomorrow. Can you please post how yours went, what questions they asked etc.,

Good luck with it, I hope you make it through to the next round.




Not posting the questions, that would make it rather unfair imho. But yeah nothing to worry about just dont let nerves get to you. Only problem is that these people dont give you anything back in response to the statements youre making so its hard to gauge how exactly your monologue is being recieved.

Theres 0 positive reinforcement in these telephone interviews conducted by so-called business psychologists.

Good luck if you have not already had it. Hope to see you there aswell, only 6 days till results



.Hi has anyone been to fina round assesment i was wondering whetther the interview requires different examples to ones used in telephone interview. Also if the case study is diffucult


Dont know, I didnt get through to the final round. Take it you did Hero; well done. Leaving it a bit late to prep, arent they tomorrow and Friday?


Thanks, I just hope it goes well, It isn’t nice falling at the last hurdle…Did they say why you didnt get through?


No, but Ive asked for feedback. Think it was my performance at the group exercise, probably came accross as a bit too dominant etc… I just like to get shit done really haha. good luck, let us know how it goes.