FSA Telephone Interview


I have just passed the first stage of the application and now invited for telephone interview.

Anyone has been through the FSA telephone interview yet?

Any experience and tips to share here?

Thanks very much.


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I strongly agree with nancam. Please change the title of this thread. The previous thread was very useful and there were already lots of information there. Thank you.


I have got my telephone interview tomorrow, does any1 know what competencies the FSA focuses on. Thanks


want tips for the telephone interview? so, CHANGE THE TITLE OF YOUR POST!!!


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Had the interview today, read the email they sent you and the available information on the website and you will be fine.


I have my telephone interview coming this week, if anyone could post some examples of the questions being asked, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I got through the telephone interview today. What are people’s thoughts on what the assessment centre will entail?


i’m not sure about the assessment centre i’m atrending day 1 and I know there is a group and written excercise , i have no idea about the written excercise and doubt i can prepare…anyone know what it invovles??


Had mine…

Re-test of online financial test: 30 mins without calculator, 25 questions.

Group exercise: Discussion on how capital adequacy principles should be implemented by fsa, best outcome to be agreed upon (20mins), presentation of analysis and conclusion at end (30mins)

Written exercise: Analyse a case for fsa enforcement, pick out the key non-compliance issues against the COB sourcebook and present results in a memo (20mins)

Very hard-pressed for time, you need to be able to just hang in there. Good luck!


yeh, written exercise was tough…look up the FSA handbook to familiarise coz of limited time available


I sat for my test yesterday. It had about 30 questions to finish in 35 minutes so you must time yourself. Do not panic as these are questions that require common maths knowledge e.g. 2009 profit was 10% higher than the 2008 profit which was 2% lower than 2007 profit so what is the profit for 2009 if the profit in 2007 was £2MM.
As for myself I did not finish all the questions. The next stage is a telephone interview but I am not expecting any calls as they would be saying “what an idiot”"" after seeing my test results.
My last advice would be to prepare well in advance and there are some sites which prepare you in these tests. Bear in mind that FSA test was “numerical” so I only prepared for numerical tests. I only prepared with a sample test from a site which was not enough.
Good luck to everyone. This was my bad news as I would have really liked to work for FSA.
As for good news, I have received an offer with an investment bank…yippy!!!
So prepare and pray to God for the success…and success only comes to hardworking people.