FSA Telephone Interview


Hi… I got a telephone interview with FSA coming up. Has anyone had one? what questions did they ask. any tips?
Thank you


Hi, they send an e-mail with a link to their competency list. They’ll ask 4 or 5 out of the 7 competencies on the list…that’s it! Just prepare 2 for each and you’ll be fine. Good Luck!


Hey indigo how was your interview? What sort of questions did they ask? I have an interview too and its my last one, so i really want to nail it before im labeled a failure!


hey, i have it tomorrow so il let you know after.


Good luck for the interview!!


Hey Indigo how did your interview go?


Can you provide me with some advice for my FSA telephone interview. I have had a few interviews but i cant seem to conquer the phone interview. It always seems harder to answer questions when your not in front of the interviewer.

Any advice? I really want to get through to the next round.


Can I ask what sector everyone has applied to? I’m trying to find out the job description of an actuary at the FSA, i.e. day to day etc.? The website doesn’t really provide me with a lot of detailed information…does anyone know?


I have applied for the graduate development programme, not really sure about the actuarial programme, have you had a look at the videos on the website? They provide some information thats not given elsewhere on the site, maybe that will help…


hi ben, sorry for the late reply…
I found out 2 days ago I past my phone interview and have my first stage assessment centre.

The phone interview was 30mins and she asked me 4 out of the 7 questions (the first 4 on the sheet) think it was team work, communicaiton, stake holder and decision making.
Was quite straightforward questions although I had prepared examples for each of the questions, I had to use different examples for the ones I had prepared. just prepare 2 or 3 examples for each question and you should be ok.

Has anyone been to the assessment centre? i got an email saying i have to do financial appraisal tests and I have no idea what they are. has anyone done any before??


I have not been to the FSA A/C but a financial appraisal test is basically one where you have to do calculations based on formulas given to you. Debt equity type calculations so quite straight forward…


debt equity calculations? i don’t think i have done any like this before. do you know where I can get practise of these? are they similar to SHL and normal numerical tests that employers give?


They give you the formulas, the numbers will be in the tables (clearly labelled) and then you just type the numbers into the formula.

If you can do the online SHL tests, im sure you will be fine with these. Don’t worry too much.


Hey Indigo,
Congratulations on passing the telephone interview! When you say she asked you 4 out of 7 questions, can you please give me some examples of the type of questions asked? Any you found tricky?

Did she ask you the same question twice and expect different examples, as you prepared a few examples for each competency?

Anything about why them? What you’ll be doing on a day-to-day basis? Where you see yourself in 5 years? Or did she just stick to competency questions?

Also, you say she only asked you on 4 competencies out of the 7, so did she only ask you 4 questions and ask you to elaborate on each? Or more questions? How long did you speak for each question, just so i have something to go by?

Im sorry for a long list of cheeky questions, telephone interviews are my weakest so im not so confident.


Thank you liyysm1. So they are just straightforward questions using formulas.

Hi Ben,
well I can’t actually remember the exact questions she asked me but they were on the 4 competencies I said before (decision making, team work, communication and stakeholder relationships).
I had to give 2 examples for team work but all the rest where one. I think she just asked me one question for each competency. She said at the beginning she didnt know anything about me so I had to give her an outline of everything before I went on to answering the question. Just talk for as long as you can. She stopped me once or twice when she had all the informaiton she needed and a few times asked me a more questions to get more out of me.
Just make sure you know everyhting really well, and you can have your answers in front of you so no need to memorise.

She didnt ask me anyhting obut FSA or where im going to be in 5yrs time. Just strictly competency.

My advice would be to prepare for all 7 of the competencies on that list really well cos its chance which ones you are oging to get. Although they tell you before they start asking the questions which 4 they are going to test you on.
Good luck and don’t worry about it too much. I literally only had a day to prepare so i’m sure you’ll be fine. When is it?


Thank you so much for the informative reply. My interview is not scheduled yet and am still waiting for a date, so im guessing it will be sometime this week.

When you spoke about stakeholder relationships, did you speak about managing relationships and expectations of those that you work with to achieve a goal? As this is what i understand it to be.

You had to give an outline of yourself i.e. tell me about yourself? Or do you mean an outline of the situation/background of the example you used when answering her questions?

Also the numerical test is not too hard. I dont think you would have experienced anything like it, all the questions are related to one another. As you work your way through the answers, similar calculations from previous questions are used in the subsequent ones. But from what ive been told, not hard. So dont worry…


aww thank u! yeh i am a bit confused by what it is. Im just going to practise numerical tests and hopefully that will be a little helpful.

yeh I spoke about realtionships I had with people trying to achieve a goal together.
When I said outline I meant outline of situation not of yourself. so when ur giving ur answer start from the beginning and don’t just jump in the middle assuming she knows what you have done.
good luck


Hi all, Was just wondering what kind of things you used for the question in the application form asking for 3 issues facing the FSA?



hi indigo567 i’m in the same boat as you - passed the telephone interview and now have an assessment day. i’m quite worried about the tests - i’ve done loads of the standard tests (numerical and verbal) for the other accountancy firms so hopefully that will be enough but I’m not totally sure what they will expect from their ones. If its just a case of putting the numbers into a formula that can’t be too difficult…
Has anyone done an FSA assessment day?? Any help or advice for these tests would be much appreciated!



Hi guys i’m new here. I have just submitted my application for the summer internship. Is anyone else here applying for the same or all applying for the graduate role?