FSA selection: Associate - Supervisory Teams Retail Firms Division


Has anyone else applied for this job? I’ve passed the online tests and received an e-mail last week saying my CV is with the line managers.


I did the test this morning and think I failed miserably. How many questions did you answer in yours?


I wouldn’t worry I thought I failed mine as well. Sorry, I can’t remember how many I answered I did 3 tests in one day! I think maybe I answered 17 out of 22. Were there 22 questions?


Yes, there were 22 questions - I only answered 14 though! Got in a real muddle over question 1, wasted a lot of time, panicked and then never got my concentration back. I did so much better in practice tests I did. The pressure got the better of me.


I think thats probably ok. As long as you only answered questions you felt confident about then its probably ok. The worst thing to do is guess. It took a week for them to get back to me.


I hope you are right. You can only sit that test once every 12 months, is that right? So no way to improve your score any time soon.


at home on your computer. all the best


Just got an e-mail for a telephone interview in 2 weeks. Have no idea what to expect though…


Telephone interview was pretty straightforward, seemed like only 10mins! Anyway, I have the assessment centre next week. Anyone else got the AC coming up, or had it already?


OK, so I’ve been to the AC which I passed and got offered the job. I’m intending to accept, so I’ll be starting in a couple weeks hopefully. If anyone else wants some advice for the interview or is about to accept (or has already accepted) a job offer feel free to send me a message.


congratulations - will drop a message if something moves on my side. And congratulations


Congratulations on the job offer! I have the AC on the 16th August, do you have any advice for the interview? What was the format of the AC? and finally what sort of background are you from? I’m an organic chemist so it’s a new direction for me.


no idea what i have done now… just took the financial reasoning test half sleepyy 2 15 am, as the deadline is mid day today.
it was by no means hard. iattempted 21 questions and couldnt calculate 2 in reasonable time, and am sure that 17 are 100 percent correct. i have never failed any numerical test. (my degree is in mathematics and accounting)…but it seemsss i might have failed this one… very furstrated with myself.

any help with grant thornton interview tommorow??? tips tricks? expected questions??


Hello Kafito,
Congratulations on your job offer. I have my competency based interview over the phone next week, I would like to know if you could give me some examples of the questions that you were asked at that stage so I get an overview of what to expect?
thank you very much indeed


entreriosu3 I sen you a short message.


a1chemist I sent you some info. There are lots of people applying from outside finance. In particular lots of engineers I was told…even policemen.


Hello Kingkasa. I too have the telephone interview coming tomorrow. If you could offer any guidance it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Sorry Kdog only just saw your message. Hope it went well.


I think it took about a week maybe a week and half to get an e-mail saying I’d passed. I think they are very busy at the moment dealing with all the applications.


Hi Kingkasa,

Would you mind sharing me the questions that would be ask at the telephone interview and the AC? I have just passed the numerical test so I guess the next step would be the telephone interview, I want to do my best preparing for it. Thank you in advance :slight_smile: