FSA paperwork



I was just wondering if there’s anyone on here who has an offer from the FSA? Have you received the contracts yet? I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks, but I think they’re still holding ACs and haven’t given all the offers yet.


Perhaps they’ve been told to hold things in light of possible internal restructuring, etc. Perhaps you should call and ask what’s going on. Two weeks is a long time to be waiting…

How was your interview process - do we have a thread on this already?! I haven’t been following FSA!


I know they’re stilling holding ACs and haven’t given out all their offers yet, so maybe they’re waiting till they do so before sending out the contracts en masse. I’ve heard from one other person who has been made an offer, but hasn’t received contracts yet. I emailed HR and they said they would try and send the paperwork within the week, and this was one week ago now. I guess it should come any day. Bit of a wait, but I think I must have been one of the first to get an offer and they had around 3 times as many applications this year compared to last, so might be a bit overstretched in HR…