FSA Assessment day


hello - just wondering if anyone has had an FSA assessment day yet and can pass on any tips or what the financial exercises are like?? cheers


hello music107. I am assuming that you had interviews with the FSA in the past. I was wondering if you could give me some examples of the questions you were asked during your telephone interview or some tips to tackle it. I have my telephone interview coming soon Thank you!!!


Hi has anyone been to fina round assesment i was wondering whetther the interview requires different examples to ones used in telephone interview. Also if the case study is diffucult?


Has anyone got feedback from final stage assessment day, as to whether they have been offered the role?


We will find out on Monday whether we have made it or not. They scored us after we were done with the interview and the case study. And then added up the two scores later on to compare. So they couldn’t possibly tell us who made it and who didn’t.

Fingers crossed.


heard back yet?


I am really confused… they said they would tell us the outcome of the final round (mine was on Thursday) later that evening, and at the latest on Friday afternoon… It is now Monday!!

Still no word from them for me!! Anyone heard anything like good or bad??


I was in the friday assessment centre day. They told us that the thursday people would find out that day (ie. friday) and the friday people would find out on monday. So far, I’ve heard nothing, so I’m starting to get nervous… Anyone else heard anything?


I have not heard anything, I think whoever hasn’t heard by now didn’y get it as I assume they would prioritising those who got the job first.
I am gutted , all that hard work, guess I got to get feedback on what to improve and move on I guess.


yep… think I have come to the same conclusion as you… we would have heard by now if they wanted us. Kinda think it is a bit rude that they told us we would all hear on particular days regardless of outcome, and then keep us hanging on. Bit mean I think.


Still nothing.

I was told that they are taking only a certain number of graduates for the March 11 intake. So I don’t know how they could possibly have told the Thursday people their results on Friday before the Friday candidates were even assessed. I think it makes more sense for them to make decisions after all the candidates have completed the tasks. That would be a fair assessment and I’m pretty sure this is what they are doing.

Also, they are technically not yet late because the website says the offers would be made on 14th Sept. So maybe they are just taking their time.


See I keep hoping that the website is correct in saying Tuesday, but the brunette recruitment officer kept saying that they do not compare candidates. In fact they don’t take on a set number. They do want roughly 25 people, but that number can go up or down based on the candidates and if they ‘tick all the boxes’. If you are good enough to get through you will, if not you won’t. If there were only 17 good candidates, they would only take 17 people. She banged on about that for ages at my AC. Hence why the FSA planned to phone you the minute they know if you are right for the job.

Also, did you see all our ‘assessors/interviewers’ walk in at the end of the AC and hand the brunette their comments on us. That made me scared.


The financial industry is the toughest in the world to break. I think they have been excellent in the way they have been quick with the process. It is tough to take rejection. But I think all of us who got that far have got a certain drive and ambition that will just make us stronger from this and I am in no doubt that all of us can take something away from this experience and we will be financial leaders and innovators if we just keep our heads. Well done for those who got the role.


Well said


I just called Mendas and was told that we will get a call today from the FSA regardless of the outcome. So even if we do not get an offer, we would still get a call.


On Friday I was told we would find out Monday as they would have no chance of processing it by Friday evening. I had the impression they were running late. It’s only 3pm so just hang on. It’s a long process ringing 38 applicants and so far I’ve not heard anyone say they actually have heard back, either way. Fingers crossed and good luck to all. Do post if you hear back. Also please note that only 13 applicants are being struck off (roughly), so unless all four of us are by chance among the thirteen, the timing is not indicative of anything.


Well thats good to know - that we aren’t just gonna get an email, I’d much rather have a call. But are we assuming that the calls are handed out in order… i.e. first called are the successful candidates? I was a Thursday AC so I am assuming if I had been successful I would have found out Friday? Did they say if any calls were made last week?


Sorry I didn’t ask about the Thursday candidates in particular. However, I still think that FSA will make decisions after ALL candidates have been assessed and scored, simply because of the fact that it is very much possible for all 38 candidates to hit the benchmark. In that case, they would not be able to offer jobs to all 38 of them.


You are analysing it too much. If they rang the people on Friday, they would have rang you to tell you either way. You can’t predict it. Just keep your fingers crossed till 5.30pm and if you haven’t heard then ring Mendas. Good luck.


Yeh you guys are right, just getting a tad nervous I guess. Well, on that note, good luck to everyone and hopefully we’ll be able to sleep easy tonight following our phonecalls.