FSA assessment centre


Hi, any finished two rounds online test and attended the first Assessment centre yet?


just finished the numerical one, havent got into the second test


yeah, me either, i think we have to wait for around one week…


Hi, lovelondon, please let me know if you get into the next step~~~


i finished the numerical test yesterday. how do you know that it will take up to a week?


i finish last week maybe we need to wait until closng date


no one told me, I just guess~~ anyway,~~ if any one goes to the next stage, please let me know~~


My status got updated to “Stage You have completed the online test” but I haven’t received the second test. What does yours say?


yeah, mine too at that time… dont worry, it will change to “your application is under consideration” after 2 or 3days…


any news?


not yet…still saying “under consideration” so nervous```



I attended an insight day recently and as far as I remember they said they would be running assessment centre’s from12th of March onwards, so might be a while till you hear back from them…

Just wondering, did you receive an email with the link to do the financial reasoning test immediately after submitting the application? I submitted my application on Sunday, but haven’t heard back from them yet :S

Also, how did you find the financial reasoning test?


Hi, star22, i remember i received the online test with a link 2 days after submtting the application and my status was changed to “invited to a online test”, but the deadline is closing soon so i guess they might wait for all the final applications and assess them as a whole, this could be the reason why we got no news right now.
anyway, dont worry…keep waiting…


yeah it took 2 days for me too. test was rather tricky.


I received the link for the test on Wednesday! :slight_smile:


I recieved the test 2 hours after submitting, but only for numerical. It is still under consideration…


so do I babyface, now we are all starting from the same line…


Hi guys,
i got the 2nd test just now and have to finish it within next 7 days…

best of luck for everyone…


Hi guys,

The fact that after all the applications and tests and done they will only consider the highest achieving candidates is so nerve-racking!

How did you find both tests, what is the time constraint and was the latter test something you should revise for?


Its not timed of the 2nd test and you could find some examples on SHL website, but I think the best way is just to be yourself…