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I have my AC (first round) scheduled for 8 Jan. Has anyone done an AC yet? I’ve been told there’ll be a group exercise, numerical exercise, chance to meet recent grads, etc but I don’t really know what to expect, so if anyone has had an AC or has one scheduled soon, any advice would be gratefully received.

On the telephone interview, make sure you have 2 good eg’s for each of the 7 competency areas. They tell you which 4 you’ll be answering at the beginning and the whole thing isn’t that hard. They ask supplimentary questions to follow up on what you say and 2 questions on teamwork seems standard. Another one I got was basically ‘give me an example of when you had to analyse a vast amount of information.’

Hope that helps a bit


I have AC on the 8th too.Mine is 8.30. Yours?
As far I am aware there will only be a group exercise, appraisal test and meeting other graduates. I read that FSA with Mendas is using video cameras during group exercise. I wouldn’t actually mind it.


Hey guys… am in the same boat although I have one coming up on the 9th FEB… what Grad. programs have you all applied for ? Ive applied for the CIMA one… how was your 1st stage Assessment centre ? any tips that could help me plz ?

Have you’ll heard from them again ? Am quite nervous about this one coming up coz of the Financial Appraisal Test as I dont have a clue what it is… how was the Group Exercise? someone told me that it could be one - where to place a stand for a careers expo OR an environmental supplier to the FSA… did you’ll have a similar one ?

hope you can help :frowning:



Hi hdp, what was the financial appraisal test like? :slight_smile: