FSA AC part 2



Has anyone had the second part of the FSA AC yet? Mine is on the 26th. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about what comes up in the interview and case study. Understand if maybe you don’t want to say too much, but I’ll be posting details after I’ve had mine.


Hey did you have the assessment centre yet? How did it go? What happened?


Hey, anyone trying to book onto this but getting no dates available? I emailed them to let them know I definitely want to attend but can’t book in, how long should I wait until I phone them? I know with my KPMG application I just waited and waited and they rang me to tell me they were now full so don’t want to do that!

Also, bob85, I see in another thread you got your offer, did you fancy giving a nice description of your day? :slight_smile:


Anyone heard back from the FSA? I had my AC last week and they said that they were now finished with ACs and should be letting us now this week. Now Friday afternoon and no word :frowning: this was my last interview, and I’m desperate to find out how it went!


I’m sitting the Financial Appraisal test next week and just wondered if anyone has an idea of the sort of questions that they may be setting.


What type of questions came up K Girl? No one’s given any information on this thread, just questions :slight_smile:


Has anyone had their second round AC yet this year (…or in previous years)? What sort of questions were there in the interview?



I have the online financial appraisal test in a week. Have no clue as I am from a physics background. any info on pattern / question type / practise material will be highly appreciated.