FSA 2010 Intake


I just got an offer for the FSA to start in 2010. Is anyone else in the same boat?


Wow, congratulations! Are you on one of the specialist schemes?! I applied for the economics one, but because my phone interview wasn’t good enough, I got transferred to the general stream… I have my first AC next week (any tips, btw?)


well done!


Fisrtly- Many congratulations HSB 198. What sector though? IB?
I have a Financial Appraisal Test and am not from a finance/economics background.
Any info on these tests will be appreciated.
Pattern/ Question type / reference material will be great

Thanks in advance


Dear Blackwheels,

The FSA Financial Appraisal Test is a numerical reasoning test, but with paragraphs of text instead of graphs or tables. So basically, they present all the necessary (and sometimes also unnecessary!) data as a text and make you work out normal mathematical calculations, like in a usual numerical reasoning test. It is very unusual at first, but then you get used to it.

My advice would be practice advanced numerical reasoning tests at http://www.assessmentday.co.uk/aptitudetests_numerical.htm or other similar websites and you should be fine!


Thanks Babochka,

Much appreciated. It looks like you appreared for one. Mind sharing where you’ve reached so far.



I have been to an assessment centre this week (for a summer internship). I think I did not do as well on the financial appraisal test this week as I did online, so no high hopes for progressing to the next stage. But it was a great experience.

When is your test?


Just got an email saying that they will take my forward and that I will get an email from Mendas for the financial appraisal test in a week. I have applied for an Assocaite role in Regulations. Not quite from the finance background, but have 2 years solid experience in stakeholer management, relationship building and project management.
What was the assessment centre like? Will be great if you could share the process.
Will let you know how I fared in my test.


Please find an overview of an assessment centre at the FSA here:

I had mine exactly as described there. I am not sure whether the number of people in each group excercise will differ for an Associate role (if you have to attend such assessment centre at all!), but for an internship we had 6 persons in a group.

Hope this helps!!!


Thanks a lot.
Just completed the three numerical reasoning examples at assessmentday.co.uk and fared OK. Do u suggest its worth taking up the £5 access.


I did not pay for such access for numerical tests, as the FSA one was the only numerical test I might do for my job search. I am, however, considering paying for aceess to verbal reasoning tests practice. It seems like a good deal, considering you will have access to all new tests they put online in the future.

Try out SHL practice tests at http://www.shldirect.com/practice_tests.html or at the following website: http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/tests/mathstest.htm

Good luck!


I just gave my test.
Attempted 15 of 22. I must admit, it was a bit tough on timing.
Got the answer to the 22nd question and just as I was about to click the correct answet, the test finished.


Good luck!


I have been invited for telephone interview…

Can anyone tell me what do they normally ask?

Any tips and advice to share?