From Aerospace to Mechanical Engineering?


I graduated in aerospace engineering in july 2006 and after more than one year of job hunting I wasn’thaven’t been successful in getting a proper graduate job. I started working in charity shop and am still there one year later :(. From reading online I get the impression that there aren’t many opportunities in the aerospace field. My uncle has suggested that I should do an msc in mechanical engineering as it has a broader field. However I would like to find out from you guys if you think it is possible for an aerospace graduate to go into a mechanical field (as aerospace engineering is a specialised field of mechanical engineering anyway and during my degree most of course units I studied were also in mechanical engineering degree).



Yes of course its possible. Aerospace modules tend to cover most subjects, mech, elect, intrumt, structural so the transition to mech eng degree is not a problem. Be prepared to justify why you’ve made the move, not cos you couldnt get a job :wink: (interest in the subject etc)


Hi there,

Although I am not in engineering field but I would like to make a comment on this. Personally I think that when someone has engineering degree wheather with aerospace specialization or with some other I think that student develops skills like critical thinking, problem solving and all other competencies that engineer should posses throughout that degree. So I think that student that studies not relevant degree specialization can work and do work equally good after training provided by organization as graduate with relevant degree.


Hi there, I am actually in the process of recruiting for the September 2010 Graduate intake for First UK Bus and we have recrutied graduates with aerospace engineering degrees in the past and will do so again in the future, in fact one of our Engineering Directors came from that sector.

You do indeed have transferrable skills and if you are still looking for a career in engineering and would consider Transport Management then please complete an application form at the following link

Please note our Rail graduate scheme is oversubscribed therefore only apply for the Bus scheme. Closing date for applicants is 16 March 2010, assessment will take place at the end of March with final interviews at the start of April for a Sept 2010 intake. Salary starts at 25k.

I hope this information is useful and even if you are not interested in the Transport Industry you may think about applying to other sectors outside of the aerospace niche.

Best wishes


Dear Casper,

Since I have a degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (both combined),
I can tell you that it is a beautiful and extraordinary blend of 2 sister subjects.
In Mechanical Engineering you have lots of overlapping courses with Aerospace such as Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Material Science, Instrumentation, and Electrical concepts called Avionics. Being at the tail end of my MD degree now (searching for residencies), I also see that this degree has concepts like Laminar & Turbulent flow in blood vessels and the heart just like Airfoil Theory in Aerospace sciences!
You will have no trouble following the concepts of the Master’s of Mechanical Engineering program with your solid Aerospace foundation.
Good luck, and make us Rocket Scientists proud!

-Sanjay Kumar
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer , and Senior MD Student