Friends provident AC


Hey people,

has anyone got an asessment centre with friends provident? or has done one already?



I applied to their Actuarial Graduate Program about a month or so ago. Not heard anything off it which is strange since the program is now closed to new applications. Unless they’re still shifting through all the cvs?

Which program did you apply to? Have they contacted you / when? If so, what was the process? Have you been invited to an Assessment Centre?



heyy…yeaa i had applied long time ago as well…probably about a month…but sometime last week i got an email inviting me to the assesment centre…And from what I remember I just sent my cv and covering letter.
I had applied to their Actuarial Graduate program as well…Maybe u shud get in touch wid em and ask them if they havent said anything to you…



Ah, well I think it’s pretty safe to assume that I’ve been rejected :frowning: Since they should have emailed me ‘by now’ if I was to be invited to an Assessment Centre. I take it then the AC is ‘this week’? I wish you the best of luck mate with it.


naah its not this week yet…its in 2 weeks time so u might still stand a chance :stuck_out_tongue: incase they have two rounds :stuck_out_tongue: worth asking…
aniwa thanx alot :slight_smile:


Man this Msn style chatting via wikijobs is slow lol.

Yeah mate, I see your point! In fact I have just sent them an email just asking about the status of my application. Sent it to the same one our cvs were sent to. Couldn’t find any others!

Hopefully they’ll reply this time!

Did they send any info regading the AC? Like what you will be doing?

Word of Warning; don’t type anything incriminating or ‘dodgy’ (or anything that can reveal your identity) on these forums coz people from F.P. may read it!


Yeah it is sloww indeed! hehe

Well, I suppose that is the only e-mail ad coz even the invitation mail was sent from the same one.

Yeah, they jus said tis a 2-day assesment centre and that it will incluse a formal interview and group exercises and the verbal & numerical tests =s

I have no idea wat 2 expect watsoever! lol

Thanx for the warning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


anyone could tell me what has happened? now FP has acquire AXA life, and I’m gonna have an AC next week. Could anyone give me any advice on what to expect. Thank you


Hi happybean, how was the AC going? Could you share ur experience? Is it really a 2-day AC and what process did you go through? Thanks~~


Anyone going to the AC on 19th of May?