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Hey guys!
I have a telephone interview with Friends Life coming up and am wondering if anybody else has had one with them and wouldn’t mind sharing their experiences. I’ll do the same after I have had it.



I had my interview yesterday. It was meant to last between 20-40 minutes, but actually lasted exactly 1 hour.

She asked me motivational questions such as:

  1. Why actuary?
  2. What do you know about actuary work?
  3. Why Friends Life?
  4. What do you know about the qualification?

Then there were competency questions:

  1. Describe a time when communicating something to someone that they did not understand
  2. Describe a time when working without guidance
  3. Example of a time when persuading somebody
  4. Event that provides evidence on innovative to come up with new ideas

She also asked some general questions such as availability for AC, available start date, locational preference. These are just for informational purposes only

All the questions went into some depth, which is why the interview lasted so long. She was incredibly friendly and it was possibly the most easy going interview I’ve had. She also allowed time for me to ask questions.

1 AC is to be held in December, with the remainder in January and February

Hope that helps people! Good luck


FL suck, because I did my application/online tests only to be told, they had no vacancies left!
It was in february 2012.

Now I have tried to contact them if they can still put me through to the next stage and they said, i have to do it all over again for the reasons of consistency in their application process :frowning: . why do they still ask you to do the tests even that they know they’ve filled in the positions? i found their tests were the hardest I’ve done so far, cos had to do all 3 tests, verbal/numerical/logical, in one day!

yep, the HR people can say why didnt’ you apply earlier, but how would i know…it was still before the deadline. why can’t they be better organised and a little more understanding.


hi Lotak thanks for the advice, have you heard whether you were successful or not?


Hi hxob123
She said she will let me know by the end of the month / beginning of next month. I’ll probably be a little later because I already told her that I would be unavailable for the December AC.


i wonder what could you answer to this ‘1) Describe a time when communicating something to someone that they did not understand’. nothing comes across my mind!




has anyone heard back from their telephone interview?


Hi everyone,

I’ve had my interview with Friends Life just under a couple of weeks ago, and I still haven’t heard back from them.
Has anyone heard back at all after the interview?


can anyone please tell me if Friends Life sponsors visa for international students?


I don’t know, but you could phone them and ask.
Marie Allan: 0117 928 3197.

I’m still yet to hear from them, but I do remember them saying that they were scheduled to have an AC last Friday so I guess some people may already have a job sorted for next Autumn.


the number always goes directly to voicemail :frowning:


Hi, I am having a telephone interview coming up and am looking for some help here. I saw the questions that Lotak provided in the previous post, just wondering if everyone had the same questions or was anyone asked other questions apart from those.

Any tips/hints/advice would be great. Thank you very much!


any news about the interview results ??? anyone has been called for assesment center ?


I have an AC on the 24th Jan - anyone else going? Does any one know whether there is an interview at the AC or is this held at a different date?


Hey Everyone!

I have an assessment Centre for an Actuarial Job at Friends Life on Thursday the 14th Feb.

Is anyone else attending?

Has anyone been to a Friends Life assessment centre before and can give me any tips?



TealC were you successful in the assessment centre?

I was hoping you could share with me your experience of the assessment centre because I have one coming up shortly and any help would be much appreciated.


Hi askalaba,
When is your assesment centre? I might be getting one soon.


I had an assessment centre with Friends Life in November. We were told that every candidate would hear back from the company about how they performed and be given feedback regardless of the outcome within two weeks. After two weeks passed without hearing anything, i courteously emailed the HR department asking whether any decision had been made and was told that it would be delayed.

Another two weeks passed and I once again chased up the result. Fast forward to today, the 12th February and I am still chasing them. I am pretty sure by now that I was unsuccessful, however I would still like to gain some feedback on my performance to aid me in applying for other positions. I have sent a total of six emails over the last three and a half months trying to get the company to contact me to no avail, as well as phoning on numerous occasions only to be answer by their voice mail, leaving a message and never hearing back.

I believe this to be extremely inconsiderate and verging on rude by the recruitment department at Friends Life. I could not have been politer or more willing during the assessment day in which we were made to jump through a number of hoops to show that we were capable of doing the job. So for the company to ignore my attempts to simply obtain a little feedback is cowardly. From such a large company I expected a little bit more professionalism and I must say I am extremely disappointed in how this entire situation has been handled.

I don’t believe I have ever made a public complaint about anything before: hotel, company or product. However this experience has prompted me to warn any future applicants that despite what you are told during the assessment day, the chance of you hearing back from the company if you are unsuccessful is extremely slim. They are clearly afraid of the pressures of telling a candidate that they have been unsuccessful, so think it better to allow you to hang onto a little hope that they are still deciding, until you come to the hard realisation that your attempt have in fact been in vain.

I sincerely hope that a member of staff at Friends Life reads this post as I would like to speak to the department directly to understand how such a lack of professionalism has occurred and be offered an apology.

I apologise myself for this rant, however I deemed it appropriate to share this information to help anyone else who has been in the same situation as myself. I will update if I hear anything back from Friends Life regarding this matter.

Gregg Tipler