Freshfields Interview



I have a freshfield interview coming up and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the process for me?

I have done a lot of reading about magic circle firms and the interview process but i was wondering if there was any websites i could go to to practice written tests/case study intervews?



i take it nobody has any inside info to hand?



You’ll find some good practice tests on [ this site].

Also… have you seen the [[Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer]] wiki and the [[Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Training Contract Interview Questions]] wiki and searched the forums for interview feedback on the firm?

When’s your interview?


its in 2 weeks time…i was hoping for some info and help on the case study!

does anyone know of any websites i could use to practice?


I applied for Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer and interview for a TC a year or so ago. It’s tough but it’s straight-forward.

I had two interviews each with a partner and an associate. One female and one male in each interview. They varied from being in corporate to IP.

I was asked questions such as:

  • Why Qualify in England?
  • Why London?
  • What skills sets I possessed to be a good lawyer.
  • [[Commercial awareness]] questions and interests in business questions, etc.
  • Fit to the firm culture questions.
  • Strengths and weakness [[competency based questions]].

I can say with complete confidence that an applicant who is up to date on basic Finance and current market issues is well poised to make a stronger impression at interview. Ability to read and comprehend the Economist and Financial Times thoroughly will be a distinct advantage as they will be most likely sources for the analysis interview. You guys should also make sure you know everything there is to know about the firm when you are interviewed, silly things such as not knowing the seat rotation system, or what work is done in what offices will be looked upon poorly. Do not ask questions to interviewers that you can find on the website.

during the interview they try to find out if you have the motivation to do hard, long work that may be tedious. They definitely tried to find out if I had a sense of commercial/business awareness and interest, my motivations to work for the firm. They wanted to find if I had the right personality/mentality for the firm.

The interviewers were extremely friendly - and quite genuinely so. However if you stay on a tangent on a question then they definitely reel you back in. They do not like sidetracking a question. Interviewers were relaxed and insightful. The offices are exceptionally attractive.

My interview went well. I knew I did well because I walked out of the interview feeling that I had addressed all the issues they raised, and showed a good fit for the firm’s culture. There was not much I could have done to do better. I got lucky and in my analysis interview they asked me about the US bond markets and Chinese currency pegging, which is what I worked on in investment banking.

I was offered a TC but turned it down, but that’s another story. Good luck guys. Let me know how you get on.


I interviewed at Freshfields alst year too. I was interviewed by a partner and an associate at each of the two interviews.

The first interview involved a discussion based on an article about biotechnology companies
listing on AIM. The interviewers asked me to summarise the article and then asked me questions based on the information given in the article as well as general knowledge questions about shares and the pharmaceutical industry.

The second interview was a chat about my background, my motivation for a career in law, why Freshfields, etc There was also a written test at the start, which involved writing a letter to a superior explaining the problem (a complaint from an important client) and advising on possible solutions.

The written exercise tested writing skills. The first interview tested commercial awareness and general interest in business. As for the second interview, they wanted to find out more about my personality and motivation for becoming a commercial lawyer.

The interviewers were mostly friendly, except for one associate, who was rather ‘aggressive.’

I was kinda rattled, didn’t perform overly well and wasn’t confident enough - not like you chups! I didn’t get the offer.


I was wondering what questions I could ask Freshfields during my interview…If anyone has any idea pleas let me know thanks


Hi there,

Here’s my interview experience:

For the written exercise, I was given 45 minutes to argue for and against a proposition. Apparently everyone gets different ones, but I was asked to weigh up whether compulsory recycling should be introduced for households. They wanted me to lay out my arguments for on one page and against on another, and not to go over a page in length for either.

For the ‘analytic’ interview, I was given a half hour to read a rather lengthy article from the FT about a biofuel producer. The article was pretty rambling, talking about the CEO’s background, his vision, recent developments in his expansion of the firm and how he was getting hold of funding for it all. I used the time I had to read the article two or three times and to draw a mind map of its contents. In the interview they asked me to summarise it briefly, and then began by asking questions that related to what was in it before going off the wall slightly with some speculative questions. The most off-beat one was on the lines of: why do you think it is that when cars were first built to run on petrol, automobile manufacturers never partnered up with oil companies in the same way that they get involved in joint ventures with alternative energy producers today?. To round it off they asked a gestimation question on what I thought the revenues of the company would be in their first year of production, and whether an IPO might be a good idea to raise finance. The interviewers were absolutely lovely and were clearly doing their best to be unintimidating. Although the questions were designed to be tricky, I felt at ease.

My so-called ‘chatty’ interview felt anything but. I was, for a start, ravenous. I had been there from 11 and this last interview was held from 2 to 3, and they had not fed me. In hindsight I should have had a gargantuan breakfast. There seemed to be a bit of a good-cop-bad-cop routine going on - unless one of the partners just didn’t like me! He retained an unimpressed expression whatever I said and gave me a thorough grilling about my academic reference. He asked some very invasive-feeling questions about my ability to deal with pressure and made what I felt was an inappropriate reference to my supposed age. The other partner asked me about how I thought lawyers approached problem-solving.

After that a trainee came to pick me up and took me around the office. She was really open and informal and introduced me to another of the trainees. Having gone into the interview undecided, I left feeling as though I could fit in there, despite being rattled by the bad-cop partner!


Hey guys,

Baws here, had my Freshfields interview yesterday. Am here to give all you budding lawyers some hopefully helpful tips and news. I think its important that we help one another especially in an era of increasing unemployment amongst uni grads.

anyway guys and girls here goes

  1. written test: was on the pros and cons of a proposition as promised, they ask you to ensure that ur grammar is up to scratch and ask you NOT to go over one page for each side of the argument. they ask you to write in full sentences and NOT bullet points, so perhaps getting a few good sounding general sentences may be a good idea. all in all a quite enjoyable exercise obviously depending on your topic that is, but its not too bad I dont think

  2. Article: article was taken from ft and was about UK wine producers, no prior knowledge of the particular industry is required in the slightest and the questions are more focused on analytical reasoning more then anything else. be sure to try to demonstrate commercial awareness by trying to bring in details of the deals that the firm is working on. telling you what questions they asked me wont help that much as ur article will be different but for the sake of entirety they were as follows
    a. summarise the article in a few words
    b. what are the challenges faced by x
    c. how can he take business to the next level?

  3. interview (personal) - this was more personal, why law? why freshfields? motivation? why particular area of law? what seperates the firm from other magic circle firms?

anyway guys it was a nice day the people were all very friendly, they understand how hard most of us have to work so they
do cut us some slack in the form of smilling and being friendly

good luck to all of you