Free Christmas Gift!


I accidentally ordered two copies of Liar’s Poker from Amazon. I am giving one away and can think of no one else more suitable for the gift except those trying to break into IB. As such I am posting it here,
PM me with your details and I will have it in the post to you.

I only have one copy, so first come first serve.


Very kind of you dangerousrave. Only if it was Cityboy lol. Enjoy the book.


Hi I would very much appreciate it if you could send it as I was wanting to read the book for a long time, let me know if you can if not don’t worry thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Ok christmas is over, again silly me ordered two of the same book from Amazon.

Rather than return it and get a full refund but lose out on the postage. I am giving it away for FREE!

I have the highly recommended How to Pass professional level psychometric tests (2nd edition)

Cost £8.99

First person to PM me with his or her address, I’ll post it to you for FREE!

I can think of no one else who would put the book to better use other than the Wikijobbers… hence this altrusitic gesture. :wink: