forum is quiet


Is it just me or is there a lot less activity on the forums than last year?


definitely seems much quieter this year… Is that because there aren’t so many people hiring? But I can’t believe it would have dropped off so much. Has it??

I had thought that it was quiet due to exams etc. but it would appear that that wasn’t the cause.


Think there’s two reasons for this…

(1) the forum was quieter in the first half of last year and then went crazy in the second half. I expect a similar thing will happen this year and things will start to pick up now that students graduate and start looking for jobs much more seriously.

(2) Chris and I have been very busy on various business/technical parts of the site and unfortunately this has meant less time for input into discussions with you guys in the forums.

Also it may be possible there is a bug interfering with something - perhaps people can’t sign in or they aren’t receiving emails when people reply to forum posts… have you guys noticed anything?


nice to get your input Ed,
You’re probably right about it picking up August->. Partly because of the way the grad job cycle runs, and also a lot of the grad jobs which appear over the summer are normally one-offs or for smaller organisations (from my experience anyway) so maybe people less likely to use WikiJob (??).

I know I haven’t been receiving any notification of PMs for some time… and come to think of it not had any notifications of replies in forum threads like I used to

quick search: and last one was June 15th - but that thread started oct 08
-> next one is Jun 14 for thread started feb 09
I haven’t changed any of my settings… so at some point in/after Feb all new threads were not subscribed to??



Even if there are less jobs there is still a lot of people looking for jobs - maybe it will pick up

I haven’t noticed any technical problems their is always a few people signed in even if they are not posting


Looks like we could have a problem with emails not being sent out on all forum threads started from Feb 09 onwards!!!


This is worrying. I’ll get on it straight away. If any of you guys could provide any more feedback about what emails are coming through (are they going to spam?) that would be super-useful!



hi chris,
I just had 6 emails come through each with brief extracts of all entries not yet notified of (i think, but cannot say definitively). I guess you sorted it??

None of them have ever gone into spam for me.
will let you know if i notice any emails not coming through as expected.


I think it isn’t quiet if you look at the numbers on the site they are no less than before?




Actually I was under the impression it was quiet. I didn’t realise the emails weren’t getting sent out- I know this makes a big difference- there was a two week stint last year when the same thing happened, and we noticed it even then. I think the emails should now go out just fine, fingers x-ed. If it seems like something is wrong though, please let me know! :slight_smile:


Right. Emails are getting sent out now, and all of a sudden numbers are up. It looks like we’re back on track again! Thank you all for pointing this out. Emails should now be going out for private messages too. Do let me know if there are any problems though!

By the way- feedback tab on the right? Good? Or a waste of space?



its’ quiet cos everyones got their job now!


Yep emails all fine…

I guess it depends on whether or not anyone has used it! (which clicking it tells me at least 4 have). Not sure what those submitted ideas are about (??). But I see you solved one problem through having it… I suppose it encourages users to say if they have an issue, so is nice to have.
But I think it would be less obtrusive lower down the screen. Maybe as I only ever use non-widescreen it impacts me more than others? (what does wikijob look like on a widescreen monitor?)


I have a pretty small screen- it wasn’t too annoying, but not enough people are using it and it slows down site loading, so I got rid of it. Will probably reintroduce something a bit simpler in future!


Forum is so quiet around this time, that’s probably because it’s summer and everyone has secured industrial placement or graduate scheme.