Forensic Technology Solutions PWC


Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone has ever applied for the Forensic Technology Solutions graduate scheme with PWC?

They require 300 points plus a 2:1 but I don’t have that many points and I am on track for 2:1.

Do you think I should still apply?

The job description is pretty much what I’ve studied to become it’s just my ucas points which might bring me down.

Thanks :slight_smile:


All the top accountancy firms use UCAS points as a screening tool. If you don’t have the required UCAS points, then it is highly unlikely that you’ll get onto their graduate scheme. You can try and contact HR and see what they suggest. If extenuating circumstances affected your A Level results, then there is a space on the application form where you can explain what happened. If not, you could always apply through their Talented programme (I think that’s what it’s called) which allows you to apply when you don’t have enough UCAS points.

Good luck :slight_smile:


From what I can see they dont run the talented programme for the forensic technician scheme?


Contact HR then and see what they say.
I applied to PWC a year ago for a placement in Assurance so I wasn’t sure if they did offer another route for you to apply.