Forensic Technology Services (PwC) and travelling


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New here so just had to sign up to ask a particular question regarding the FTS team. I am applying as a graduate and have just recently found out that I have passed the online tests. I realise I am getting a bit ahead of myself regarding this question, but feel that asking it here might be better than asking during the interview and giving the interviewer the idea that I might shy away from the job depending on his answer!

I was simply wondering how much travel is involved as part of the FTS team on average over, say, a year or two?

The PwC website constantly states ‘dependent on client demands’ and whilst this is understandable, some other similar posts at the big 4 are able to put average percentages on how much an employee would be working at the office or working abroad (20/80, 40/60 etc.). I am willing to travel, especially within the UK (currently living in Belfast so going to London etc. would be fine), and am prepared to travel to Europe for training and client requirements - but I am simply trying to determine whether I would be living out a suitcase for the rest of my life if getting the job or if there is any point paying off a mortgage if I’m not going to be home! Extremely demanding travelling requirements would probably put a strain on personal and social lives so I am very interested to hear how much travel is involved on average.

I would greatly appreciate any input, especially from those involved in FTS or from those who know someone in FTS.

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I’d also like to know this, as I want to apply to this scheme!

@menolly4 can I just ask what did you study and have you got the required 300 ucas points as I did forensic computing but don’t have enough points :frowning:


@tom619 Hey, I studied BSc Computing and IT (First) at QUB and then an MSc Cybercrime and E-Investigation with Derby. I got ABC at A-Level (300 points according to an online calculator) and a cached in ‘A’ at AS-Level to make 360 in total. Hope this helps. Are you applying for the Belfast one? I heard soon after I posted this question from a friend via facebook that most of those who get a place in Belfast in this team are very often in London and had a starting salary of around £16k!! - I’m starting to think about going elsewhere (software development etc.)

I am still hoping others on this board can confirm or refute this?