Foreigner Job Seekers, In London


Hello Friends,
I was wondering if i could get some sounbytes on the current market of financial sector jobs for foreigners in London.


Hi Santa1234,

I’m sure you have heard this before, but as a general statement, I’m afraid it is more difficult for those who require a working visa to secure a job within financial services in London. Obviously, it is very dependent on company, sector and role. But in professional services and banking certainly, we are seeing it is becoming more difficult as the market continues to change.

HOWEVER, please don’t be deterred from applying! The truth of the matter is, if you have the skills they need and you have an impressive application, you are in with a chance.

Can I enquire as to your circumstance? For example, are you looking for a graduate scheme or to join as an experienced hire? Also, where are you based? Is it a possibility for you to join a large global financial services firm where you live? Then you could look in to securing a secondment or transferring to a London office. This could be a good option if you find your direct applications are being rejected due to your working visa circumstance.

I would say make the strongest applications you can and use your networks as much as possible! If you do happen to be rejected a long the way, make sure you get some feedback to understand if your visa was to blame! Then you can move forward from there.

Good luck! I hope this was helpful