Ford Power-train Manufacturing 2014 Intake



Hi Guys

I have just had my telephone interview for the manufacturing position today! Hopefully I can go to the next stage of assessment centre. what I noticed was that the applying deadline had been extended from 2nd Jan 2014 to 17th Jan 2014. I’ve just looked to their website, it seems the HRs are still looking to fill in this position, still open.

Wondering anyone had attended to the Assessment Centre already? What activities were involved? Presumably there are:
-competence base interview?
-group work exercise?
-in trays?
-role play?

Anyone had got the offer and can share their experience?



What was your experience like with the telephone interview? I recently passed the psychometric tests and have a telephone interview slot booked tomorrow. It would be good to get your experience. Did they ask any technical questions?


Hi Grad_ball
sorry the late reply. Yeah, it is noting surprise! No tech questions! They all competence questions confirmed in your tele interview invitation!
-Your knowledge of Ford and the Manufacturing.
-customers focus
-result focus
-working effectively with others


Thanx jin88218. Yeh, it seemed pretty straightforward. The only question that popped up that I wasn’t expecting and would advise others to be prepared for is “What are the challenges facing the Automotive industry?”. I received an e-mail this morning for an invitation to the assessment center next Wednesday (12/02/2014). Hope to see you and others there :slight_smile:


You got the invitation so quick! You must answer the question very well. I am still waiting 4 their response. Hopefully, I can meet you at the A/C. Good luck!


anyone had the assessment centre? got mine on the 17th of March


Hey, I had my ac on 5th March and found out on the 12th March that I am being offered a position, so am waiting for paperwork. Best of luck to everyone!


Hey Rebecca. Congratulations!!! I’m hoping I can be in the same position soon. Could you please give details of the day. Would be a massive help as I’ve never been to An assessment centre before and really want this especially coming this far. What time did it start and what kind of activities did you do. What ever information you can give would be brilliant. Cheers!! And congratulations once again! Thanks


All of the information that you need is on the Ford website, there’s not really much else that will help. Just try to stay calm and positive!


Thanks for the reply. Website is pretty helpful but was wondering if you could give more of an insight into the interview and activities? I know they ask about certain competencies, but what were the questions they asked and how long was the interview, was it 60minutes? Sorry for the questions, need to give this my everything. Cheers for the help :slight_smile: