Ford Material Planning and Logistics Graduate Scheme


Thought to start this topic as it has not been covered. Anyone who has applied for this role can share their experiences.


I applied and got through the online tests. Im preparing for the telephone interview tomorrow. Has anyone else had any luck?


Hey, had my telephone interview last week and I am now waiting to hear back from them… Good luck for tomorrow!!!


Thanks, fingers crossed. Without giving too much away, do you have any tips for the interview?


Just follow the guidelines (no surprises) and you ll do great!!! Let us know how it went!


Hi again.
I just has my telephone interview. She was very very nice. She said it would take up to two weeks to find out if I was successful. Its going to be tough couple of weeks!


Trust me, I know the feeling… Though my interviewer said it would take one week. Well, it is already been 8 days and still have not heard from them…what can I say, we ll wait and see… :slight_smile:


They are recruiting on a rolling basis and the job is supposed to start sometime in November. The assessment centre is in October. I got the feeling that they didnt have enough candidates to make up an assessment centre yet so thats probably why you didnt hear from them. Do you know when they opened for applications?


That is good news I guess… I think they opened the application in mid August. It is a bid odd to keep them open only for a month. Guess they need more people and probably soon! Anyway, if I hear anything from them I will let you know. Think they are starting having ACs for finance, so at least we know there is movement…


Hey Guys!

I have applied for this programme too. Glad to find you guys and this thread here!

I have given my online tests yesterday and waiting to hear from them. I think I have done a good job with the tests and am hoping to hear back positively from them.

Will post when I hear from them. Good luck to both of you for your results.

@lkl1e: Could you please tell me what guidelines you were referring to one of your posts here? Do they send guidelines in the email the they send inviting for telephone interview?


Just got an email from Ford inviting for a telephonic interview :slight_smile:

Booked mine for the 27th Sept. I now saw the guidelines lkl1e was talking about :slight_smile:

Time to prepare now!


Hey Camaro, good luck with your interview. Iklie - did you get the email saying you were on hold while they continue the telephone interview stage?


Thanks jykck2hk.

I got an info today. My friend got a call from Ford telling him that he has cleared the online tests and that he has to take an interview slot this Monday. Reason being they do not have enough people coming in for their assessment centre which supposedly is on 30th Sept. The Ford lady told this to him. But he chose a slot on Thursday the 29th allowing himself more than enough time to prepare as this was his first interview here. Now, does anyone have any idea about these assessment centres? Do they mix up applicants who have applied for different streams because my friend has applied for IT graduate scheme. I couldn’t find any info on AC in the threads available in wiki so far. Thoughts guys?


It doesn’t seem like they are following a typical graduate scheme selection process, so it could be that just our stream will attend the assessment centre together. Like Camaro said, they are already starting assessment centres for finance. Im not sure about the 30th September, the lady told me the AC would be in October and the contract would start in November. If you friend is on the IT scheme, maybe his dates will be different.
Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll make it to the assessment centre, this is seriously my dream job! Good luck again for your telephone interview.


Just got done with my interview. It was good. The lady was very nice to me and allowed me to speak freely. The Questions were on the same lines are discussed here. She said they’ll get back within 2 weeks time. Now, its time to bite some nails :expressionless:


Just out of interest what kind of things did she ask you, if you dont mind sharing? Stuff like industry future and challenges? Its gonna be a week tomorrow for me, so I have no nails left :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Lol… I have seen in other threads here from last here which say that it is not unusual for these guys to take very long time to get back in to us after the tel. interview. So I wouldn’t worry just yet if I were you. Hang in there and you will get through.

I was asked about Ford and MP&L and three competency based Qs. Lasted for 20 min. 39 Sec. If you need the questions in detail to verify them with that of yours, I can PM you. And no, I wasn’t asked about any challenges for the industry. Maybe because I have a automotive background or maybe interviewers are just different with their approach.

Lets just hope that we hear from them soon and positively. Stay put!


No need for detail, was just curious. Thanks anyway though. Oooh you have such an advantage with your automotive background! I was quite surprised that I didnt get asked about the role. And she asked some tricky industry related questions. I was also surprised at how short the interview was. Mine was 17 mins…

I wonder how many people they need.

Please let me know if you get any news. And where did Iklie disappear to?


I just noticed that I have written some s*#t English in my prev post :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry about that.

They recruit graduates every year and it appears to me like they have closed their deadline much before they had last year. With what I was able to get, offers are being made through Feb. 2011 for 2010 grad scheme. So hard to guess their intake. But people who got through were happy with the process despite the delay and general opinion was that the AC would be exactly same as the guidelines would say. Hope to see those guidelines in my inbox or my account area soon. I may have a little advantage with my automotive background, how I wish it assured me a position by itself :wink:

Not sure why you were asked about challenges. I learnt that that was a Q in face-to-face interview during the AC last year.

I am wondering too, where is Iklie? Have you heard back from them yet?

Yes, lets get each other posted here of any developments.


just done the inductive reasoning test , I was looking at forums trying to pick up some info. I came across the ford graduate finance forum , they had to do a numeric test after the inductive reasoning . Is that the same situation for this position ?