Ford IT Graduate Scheme - September 2011

IT Graduate

I though to start this forum for people with the aspirations of joining the recently advertised Ford’s IT Graduate Scheme. please let’s share information here.
I want to start by asking if anyone has done the online test and what was the structure? was it SHL?

Thanks, please let us keep this forum active.


Hey gutimarley,

Good work on setting this up!

I received an invite to do the online tests for the ford IT grad scheme and haven’t done anything like this is in the past. Anyone know whether its SHL or another company?


Hi booops…

I recieved an invitation to do online Psychometric test for FORD…
hav u done ur test…??

Could u pls help me in this regard…
and if any one help me…it would be appreciated…



Hey guys! I have applied for the grad scheme in ‘Material Planning and Logistics’ 2011 intake.

I gave my test the day before. It says psychometric tests but its actually a logical reasoning test followed by a numerical test.

LR test: 24 Qs, 25 min.
Numerical Test: 18 Qs, 25 min.

LR is all about identifying the next pattern in the given series.
Numerical is set of 3 Qs on a given data. 6 such data sets.

And yes, it is conducted by SHL. Relax and have a good calci, you will get through :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


Just got an email from Ford inviting for a telephonic interview :slight_smile:

Not got the dates yet, will post here as I hear more.

If anyone has any info on telephonic interviews, please share. It would be of great help.

Thanks in Advance!


Hi, How did your phone interview go? please share if you receive any updates from ford. I had my phone interview last night, I was only asked competency based question and what I know about ford.


Hi all, :slight_smile:

For those of you who’ve been invited to a telephone interview, don’t worry; just make sure you know why you’ve applied to your chosen function, and why to Ford…The other questions are purely competency based…just remain calm :slight_smile:

I’ve been invited to the assessment center; mine is on September 30th. Would be glad if any one could share their assessment center’s experience, if they’ve had any :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone!! :slight_smile:


Hi friends,
I have a telephonic interview on 24 Sep. Any guidance would be appreciated (Priyanka, looking forward for some more inputs from your side since you already had one recently). Are they also using these rounds to recruit for experienced professionals? I have about 8 years experience in IT with a recent MBA from a leading business school.

Thanks in advance.
Warm regards,


Just Gave my tests… Fingers crossed…


Hi friends,

Gave my tests today and got a telephone interview on Thursday (29th September)…

Hope everything goes well…


Hey guys, I finished my tel. interview. Its exactly as they say it would be in their guidelines in the ‘my account’ area. Lasted about 20 min. and was asked 5 Qs. 2 on Ford and 3 on competencies. Now, its time for the long-tense-frustrating wait :frowning: The lady said 2 weeks. Hoping for the best. If anyone needs any info, PM me, I’d be happy to help. Good luck!


Hi Camaro,

Mine is tomorrow morning. Please let me know what kind of information do I need to look up about Ford. What competencies did they cover for you ?
Warm regards,


Hi sg,

I prepared by reading through the ‘about us’ part of ford’s website. And also read wikipedia for some history, facts and figures (these are not verified, so use approximations when talking about figures). And then read about the grad scheme you have applied for. Competencies are the same as indicated in the guidelines. Keep your answers compact and to the point and focus more on what you did if you are talking about a teamwork. You should be fine if you do at least this much. Good Luck, keep us posted here on your progress.



Had my test today and also heard back from Ford. Am into an assessment centre for 5th



Had my test today and also heard back from Ford. Am into an assessment centre for 5th


Hi sg,

I have my telephone interview tomorrow… Can you tell me what questions they asked about ford and about competency too…


Just gave my telephone interview…Fingers Crossed…


Hello, could any1 help with the telephone interview for ford please? what competencies where you asked?


I just finished my telephonic interview…i was asked about competencies about customer service, teamwork, resilence and about ford…waiting for their reply…


Dear priyanka.mehta,


Could you please be able to elaborate on you experience at the assessment centre. I am in for an assessment centre on 5th Aug.
Any suggestion that you may want o give and anything that we need to take care off??

Thanks in Advance