Ford Internships 2012


I applied for the sales and marketing internship at Ford. Wanted to know if anyone else applied to ford recently and did their online tests?


I have as well, i did the inductive reasoning then went on to do the numerical reasoning, not sure how either went but as with most numerical reasoning tests i was pushed for time for the last 2! how did yours go? i haven’t heard back yet have you?


i did the tests on saturday so i think reply will come around late this week as monday and tuesday might be closed.
Ya numericals were a bit tight on time. When did you complete your tests?


I did mine Wednesday, I’m not sure are we quite early or late for the internship application I’m not 100% sure when it become available to apply for?


i think the applications for internship were open for only a week or so,
It was advertised on milkround around last to last thursday or friday.
When did you pass the initial screening?


I don’t actually remember now it was such a rush with exams going on! I think it took about 2 days to get back to me though, do you know a lot of info about the internship or anyone else who’s done it before?


no idea mate, I was also in the similar position with exams going on, I also got a reply within two days. Now lets see. Let me know if you here from them soon? and Good luck!


Yeah you too I’ll let you know as soon as I do


any news??


nope I haven’t heard anything, have you?


hey there, I thought I was the only one! I applied for Finance and been waiting for ages. Not sure what they’re up to.


Ya I emailed them today and they said that my online test results are under review whilst they shortlist candidates. I think as the placement opppurtunities deadline finished yesterday, they now would shortlist people maybe.


I really want to know lol! I’m guessing they never gave a date they will let you know by? apparently the internships start at the end of June usually so I’m assuming it will have to be within the next couple of days or they won’t be able to fit the interviews in, I’m still checking though keep me posted if anything changes.


Has anyone heard from ford yet? its been too long now!


still no joy! it has to be getting close now though, at least we both haven’t!


I have a phone interview for a one year placement in sales and marketing :slight_smile: Will let you know how it goes…


hey bower when is your phone interview and when did you hear from them? and yes please tell us how did it go.
I guess since the vacation trainees ddo not have phone interviews theywill reply to us once they call everyone to the interview stage maybe.


What’s up nafees. Just finished my phone interview. I believe it was pretty much the typical one, I can’t remember the exact questions but it was basically the stuff they note on their website. The interviewer was really nice. So all in all, even though I was a bit stressed about the language as I am not the native speaker I believe it went pretty well :slight_smile: Hope everything’s fine with your application!


oh i hope you get a positive result.
when did you get the invitation to the telephone interview?


and let us know if you hear back from them soon.