**ford graduates 2016**



HI Guys,
Thought I’d start a general forum of discussion for anyone applying to a ford graduate scheme for the 2016 intake.

Would be cool if people could post what programme they’re applying for, any advice, tips, recent experiences etc…

Good luck to everyone


Hi Jobmaster143,

There’s a forum on wikijob though not much activity on there, and for product development scheme. I applied for the IT scheme; had my tel interview on the 12th of the month, and got an email next day to say my application is on hold. How about you?


Hi Nnaloemmanuel,

I saw the other group but I think that was mainly 2014. I’ve applied to the ford credit business scheme. Had my telephone interview a week ago, haven’t heard anything from them yet, so we’ll see


Hi Jobmaster143,

no news is good news i guess. could you post here if you hear back. i will too.



Brill idea to create this forum! i was googling for a while to find something similar!
I had my phone interview on 9th and still haven’t heard back, emailed the recruitment team today to hopefully get an update. waiting for their reply. Grrr!

Good luck to everyone!!



I have completed my telephonic interview for IT business placement. I am invited for AC. Could anybody give suggestion on how to prepare for it ? Anybody else coming for AC ?


Hi Jobmaster143,

Did you hear anything from them regarding AC ?


Hi meet.comptech,

Did you apply for placement or the graduate scheme? I applied for the graduate scheme and haven’t heard yet…just got an email sometime this week to say they are yet to make a decision about my interview.

have you heard Jobmaster 143


Hi nnaloemmanuel,

It is for placement. Any further news about your application ?



Did you hear anything from them regarding AC ?


i applied for the graduate scheme…nothing yet apart from a recent email I received last week to say they are still considering my application and will let me know about their decision soon.


Ok. Good luck mate !



I just thought I would share my experience so far:

I applied for the IT grad scheme on Friday 13th March (I know not an ideal date)
I heard back the next Thursday inviting me to take the online assessment tests and that I was required to completed them by Sunday
The next Wednesday I was invited to book a telephone interview the following Tuesday ( there were multiple times to choose)
The interview lasted around 25/30 mins
On the Thursday I was invited to book an assessment centre, I booked 28th April (there were two dates to choose from)
I was contact a week prior to assessment centre to inform me it was postponed and rescheduled to 15th May



Best of luck mate. Please let us know how does it go.


Will do, did you have an AC already?


Yes I did it last week


Cool how did you get on?, just completed mine was harder than expected but I guess it’s a waiting game now


Hi, have you heard from them yet?


still waiting. wondering when they will let us know


Just heard didn’t get offered, Shame but hey ho