Ford Graduate Scheme 2017



Yes I am Attending today. Anyone else attending today and also nervous ‍♂️


How did it go ? What did you apply for ?


I hope it went well! I am most nervous for the interview, how was that? Any tips? Best of luck :slight_smile:


I applied on the 28th of Jan. Was this too late to apply because I haven’t even been invited for an online test yet? Anyone in a similar boat? I applied for the engineering role.


Hi All, did anyone get an AC date for the Finance grad scheme yet? i was told i passed my telephone interview in December, however i am yet to receive dates for the AC. Anyone else in the same boat?


I have mine tomorrow!! anyone got any advice?


congrats! How long did you have to wait after your telephone interview to get a date for the AC? Goodluck!


Hi everyone! I had my AC for IT scheme on 22/03/18 but no news yet… anyone else in the same position???


How did the AC go, what was involved?