Ford Graduate Scheme 2017



Hi everyone,
Thought I’d start a general forum of discussion for anyone applying to a ford graduate scheme for the 2017 intake.
I’ve complete an online video interview and now have to complete numerical + logical tests online. Is anyone in the same boat?


Hi! I can’t saying anything about ford graduate scheme. But I know about enjoying develop app that sharing this priceless advice. It accumulates the pain and wisdom of years of work. You can read about it on this


Hi there,

I applied for Ford’s finance graduate scheme in october and I’m currently due to attend their assessment centre in January. The online tests are pretty tough so Id spend some time practicing lots of questions.


Hi there,

Best of luck with your online assessments!
I’m currently waiting to attend Ford Credit’s assessment centre in January for their finance scheme.
Which programme are you applying for?


Did you have a phone interview? The OP mentions a video interview but I have a phone interview for marketing coming up, not video! I was wondering how your initial interview was? Good luck for your AC too! Might be worth checking glassdoor


Hi guys. Just had phone interview today and waiting for response regarding my application. I applied for the finance scheme. How long before you received an email after phone interview? And is anyone aware of the salary for the finance graduate scheme?



anyone attending the assessment centre on the 12th ?? I applied for the business graduate scheme


I’ve managed to get an AC in a few weeks, could anyone shed some light on what the intray exercises are like? Thanks! I applied for the IT graduate scheme.


Yes I am


Hi everyone,
Since you are all applying for the grad scheme, I was wondering if you have already graduated or are in your penultimate year? I ask this because during the application it doesn’t give the option of being in final year, only graduated or not. So I’m confused if I should continue applying or wait…


Hi Jack,
I have already graduated.


thanks for your reply tom :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I’m attending the AC next Thursday 19th in Product Development. Is anyone at the same boat?


I’ve also got the same as you. Not sure about the exercises yet but I have requested some more info from them about some things. Have you graduated yet ? What degree did you do ?


I applied on the final day of recruitment, haven’t heard anything from Ford. No online testing invites. Is anyone in the same situation?


I’m in the same boat. Have sent in my application but haven’t heard anything back as of yet which is quite strange as most graduate applications will either send the testing invites or rejection email fairly swiftly.


I’m assuming that Ford doesn’t pool all candidates and then accept or reject but actually screen applications as they come through so we’re likely to be at the end of the candidate chain. I’m sure if our applications are strong then we’ll be invited for testing.


Who did you apply to ? Which position did you apply for ?


Finance. Yourself?