Ford Finance Programme 2013



So I just had the Ford finance scheme phone interview (I did terrible as they phoned me 30 mins before planned and I was caught completely off guard, BE AWARE!!!).

It was meant to involve questions based around on what it shows on their website, which are:
Customer Focus
Results Focus
Personal Development
& always about their company (don’t be fooled just because if it doesn’t seem obvious)

Initial questions were:
Why do you want a career in the automotive industry?
Tell me about 2 recent developments in the automotive industry? (consequences of answering the 1st question with “the automotive industry is very innovative and always pursuing ideas that changes the world in terms of personal transport”)
Are you familiar with the ONE Ford idea?
Why do you want a role in the finance department?
What do you think you will be doing in the finance department?

Competency Questions:
Tell me about a time where you…

  • had to persuade someone
  • had to achieve a difficult result despite setbacks
  • went above and beyond for a customer

Be very careful in what you say because they really drill in to your answer and ask questions based on your answers (both initial and competency)


Update: Somehow I’ve been invited to the assessment centre, I passed??
So that said, anxiety and being able to handle yourself with so many questions must’ve been factored into it.

I’ll update on what happens, from what I can see there will be:

  • competency interview
  • group task
  • intray exercise
  • role play


congratulations, when will be your assessment centre?


Just had my telephone interview and I ballsed it up. Did pretty badly not expecting a assessment centre callback.

Questions they asked:
What do you know about Ford?
Why work in Finance at Ford?
Why do you want to work in the automotive industry?

Competency based:
Tell me about a time you had to persuade someone
Tell me about a time you had to achieve a result despite setbacks
Tell me about a time you had to deliver a result for a customer

Good luck


Congrats mate, best of luck! :). Just had my telephone interview too, so awaiting a response. Let us know how the assessment centre goes mate


The AC is on Tuesday 29th.

Don’t worry too much about the phone interview, especially if it’s over and done with. Its unnecessary pressure. I thought i did really bad because i barely answered the questions. Waffled a lot, its easier to waffle than some would think.

Hope all goes well Baldeep. The amazing thing about this scheme is that they will take everyone on if they match the personalities they look for. Its not a battle for 5 or 10 places. They would rather take 20 talented graduates rather than let them get away to other companies.


anyone find online psychometric tests difficult?
we must finish doing 24 question of inductive test? if I left 10 blank will it still count toward to our result?
first time taking online psychometric test, need helps urgently


I had my phone interview 2 weeks ago. still waiting for a reply. How was the assessment centre imz14 ?? Has anybody else had a AC with FORD for the Finance grad scheme.??


I passed online test!! any tips for phone interview?


Just had my phone interview, they asked basically the same questions as imz14 said apart from they asked me what 2 issues the automotive industry was facing.
Now just the wait!


hi congratulation. I have been asked about why ford, why finance, how you know about ford, and competencies questions a time when you persuade, a time when you showed resilience, and satisfied a customer.

good luck ~


Hey I have my assessment centre on the 22nd of November. Anyone else got it then?


Hi Ahmed

When did you have the phone interview?

Also do you guys know when the graduate scheme starts?

Thank you


Hey Fla, I had the interview on the 16th I think, so its been just over two weeks. I am pretty sure it is september start.


anyone got reply after AC?


Hey guys, so I had my AC last Thursday and got a call for an offer today. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and I’ll try and answer :slight_smile:


Hey Beenie,

Firstly massive congratulations on getting through. Thanks for taking the time to offer help. There is very little information on the account section about the day, would you mind explaining what the group work and role playing was like?


Hey Ahmed Thanks a lot! Basically in the group work assessment they’ll give you a booklet of information and tell you the agenda of what the team has to do. You’ll be given some time to read through the information yourself and to take as many notes and suggestions as possible. You’ll then use the rest of the time to have a discussion with the rest of the group. You don’t have to present anything. it really is just a discussion so be sure you speak up and to listen to others.

For the role play its kind of the same thing, you’ll be given a task to explain a project or a new agenda with a client. So you’ll be given some time to read through the information and take notes and make your points and then your client will come in and you have to explain the project to them and answer any questions he/she has.

The assessors are all really friendly so don’t be nervous or anything :slight_smile:


Hey again Beenie, when do you start btw? Also massive thanks for your help it always sets me at ease having some idea of what to expect. I just had a few more questions. What was your interview like? Do you remember what competencies they focused on? Also in the group work were you all given identical information? Also did it finish on time or early? Sorry for the barrage of questions I always get ridiculously nervous before assessment centres.


Hey I don’t know the official start date yet, will know when contracts come. The interview was cool, my person was really nice, and from what I remember they ask you similar questions to the telephone interview. They give you plenty of time if you need to think of an answer. And yep everyone was given identical info. Yeah it finished on time and there are loads of breaks throughout the day. No worries :slight_smile: