Ford Finance Graduate 2011


Hello everyone:
I just applied the Ford Finance Graduate 2011 wondering if anyone got any tips regarding about the tele interview and assessment centre. Anything Relevent would be great. How long did i have to wait for the Tele interview.

Thanks a million in advanced.

Really appreciate for any post.


pleae please any help would be great.


Hey there

When do you have your interview? I’m thinking of applying to ford and it would interesting to see what their application process is like.

Sorry that I cant be of any help! Good luck though



I am applying for Finance aswell! Is it a graduate training contract for an accounting qualification?



Hi everyone,

I have just applied for the finance position as well. Has anybody got through to the online test stage? If yes, how long did it take for Ford to tell you your through to the online test stage.





I looked the Ford Web over and over again and found nothing regading about the interview process. Anyone knows? I just submit the application last Friday No update so far.

Cheers Guys



I just did the online tests last night. It was the standard logical and numerical reasoning tests.


Hi rikster01,

How long did it take Ford to get back to you from the day you applied?

Wondering if you could answer a couple of questions about the online test/s.
Was the test a SHL test or was it done by a different company?
So it was one verbal reasoning and one numerical test?

Thanks in advance.



What role did you apply?

How did you find you test? Hope it went well. Is anywhere I can practise the logical test? I tend to have some problems with pattern questions…any tips??
Thanks million!



smithy22: The tests were both from SHL. It took Ford around 13 days to get back to me after I had applied. It was one numerical reasoning and the other one was a logical reasoning test, the ones were you have to find patterns and then choose the most relevant picture. I had to do the logical one first, and when I passed I had to sit the numerical.

ssyz2: I had applied for the Finance position. With regards to the tests, they weren’t that bad, pretty similar to what you would find with most other companies. Im not sure where yuo could practise them, maybe SHL has some practise tests available on their website. I know kenexa have some.

Hope that helps


is there anywhere to practice SHL test as i have a ford accounts grad test to do says inductive reasoning test - done shl tests in the past and they are so hard! anywhere where i can do tests and get answers please help!


I have just heard from Ford and I am scared for the numerical test—ekk I applied for Marketing and sales and have three days to do the test


I have to complete the Ford Psychometric tests for the Finance Stream within the next couple of days. Has anyone done them and if so what is the difficulty level, compared to other schemes? If you passed what percentage do you think you got? I know it won’t make a difference but it would be nice to know what to expect!

I’ve done loads of these before, and my performance in them is so inconsistent. For example I stormed the Deloitte one but failed the UBS one miserably. I have also heard rumours that they mark you on the ones you answered, suggesting that if you don’t know don’t guess. However I have not taken notice of these and if I don’t know then I make an educated guess - there’s usually 2 it could be so you have about 50% chance of getting it right. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Hamster Jam,

I completed my tests Monday gone… they are incredibly hard - the logical ones where you find the pattern and the next shape was much different to the ones you can practice on SHL. I would advise that as time is tight that you dont spend too much time on each one think you do 25 or so questions and about a minute to do each one!

The numerical one is killer - not because it is hard but because you have such limited time to tap the digits into the calculator! its GCSE/A Level maths but you have 25 mins to do 18 questions. it is complicated by the fact that you have to work out something which is in millions and something else in thousands and then something else in euros/yens etc.

I cant suggest what you can use to ‘practice’ i used samples questions on Assessment Day (they give solution and workings) and SHL (which dont give answers!

not sure about the marking on answered question - just dont seem right as if you dont attempt a question is either you dont know it or you ran out of time and spent far too much on the easier qs.

good luck Hamster!


thanks or that ukbuyer

gona do my test this afternoon.


Hello guys,

The previous Friday I received the invitation to complete the on line inductive reasoning test for the graduate programme Ford 2011. I also received one reminder yesterday and I have not completed the test yet because it is my first one and i am doing some practice at the moment. Does anyone know within how many days we need to complete the test? I was planning to do it this Friday, which means 7 days after the first invitation. Do you think it is too late? I am afraid that they are going to withdraw the invitation and i don’t know what to do at the moment and how long i can delay doing the test…

I would really appreciate your help about this issue…

thank you very much and wish good luck to all :slight_smile:




My understanding is that you must complete the test within 3 days of receiving the same. There are no excuses as you would have got an email and a text. I got mine at 4.01pm on Friday Last and had to do by 4pm Monday! I think due to the fact that they want to recruit without delay they may be tight with the deadline.

try your luck but i would not wait until Friday to complete - DO ASAP especially as they have sent a reminder!

Do some practice tests on Assessment Day - Free samples and solutions and SHL (no solution)

Best of luck.


hi guys

I was invited to do the psychometric tests last friday, and i did them on saturday. has anyone had any feedback from the tests yet?
I’m still waiting to hear anything. I’m doing product development.


Just completed mine. Should not be too long before we recieve feedback. Found the logical thinking part quite easy but struggled with the numeracy section and could only attempt 13 out of 18 questions and probably was wrong in two or three. Im doing marketting and sales. Seeing as it has been about a week since you have done yours, I reckon it would be early next week b4 you get a reply. They must be waiting for everyone to complete the test before responding.



Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I also called Ford and told me i need to do it within 3 days soooooo…I will do the test tonight. :slight_smile:

thank you once again!

good luck to you too!