Ford 2018 Graduate Programme



Hi, I completed my telephone interview and online tests in late December for the Business Strategy role. I’ve been notified that I have passed these stages and that my application is on hold. Anybody else’s application on hold at the moment? Has Ford had any assessment centres yet for the 2018 intake? Thanks


Hi everyone! I had my AC for IT scheme on 22/03/18 but no news yet… anyone else in the same position???


Hey! I went to the Marketing Sales and Service AC and was offered a position last week. Has anyone else been offered a place on any of the schemes?


Congratulations :slight_smile: When did you have your AC???


Thank you!! On the 20th, I’d say that it’s been over a week/nearly two weeks since the offer. Hopefully you get some good news soon!


Hey, I have an AC on 14/05/18 for the IT scheme. Please please please can you tell me what it was like? I’m SO nervous.