Fitch Ratings Trainee Credit Analyst Program


ditto!Hopefully they will shed more light about the assessment centre near the date. what divisions have you guys applied for, lucky i checked this, mine went straight to my junk box!!


Financial Institutions! Yep, Mine went to Junk as well but luckily I checked it after registering with a agency.



Has anyone heard back about the AC?




Hi guys,

interviews are being held this week. Had mine yesterday…went okay (not heard back)…it was very informal with really basic qus…they want to know more about you (experience side and why fitch).

Statistics…600 ppl applied. 12 are being interviewed for 10 places.


Hi netserpent.

did you have the written exercise and presentation?


Hi netserpent.

did you have the written exercise and presentation?



I still have not heard back from them even though I had passed the test, does this mean I have been unsuccessful :s


I don’t think so, I only heard back yesterday so you may still hear back this week.


@netserpent was this for Corporates? is there another stage involved after the interview? for which Group are those stats? thanks…


Hi…it was for corporates…im not sure about the other groups…sry should have been clear.

With corporates I was told there are three places (out of the 12)


I had a telephone interview a few days ago, also for corporates.

I was also told that there are 3 places up for grabs within corporates. With regards to the 12, I’m not sure if he meant that 12 people are having telephone interviews or that 12 people will be invited for the AC. Can anybody clarify?



@ anyone who has had a telephone interview recently:

Have you heard back yet about the AC? I have not, which I think probably means I haven’t got through.



Did anyone have the AC yesterday?


I did the AC last Thursday for structured finance and they said they’d get back to me this week. Unsurprisingly, they haven’t.

Has anyone heard back from them after the AC?


@Princessjay: I also did AC last Thursday and they also said that I would hear from

them this week. However, until this moment I have not heard anything.


it’s really frustrating isn’t it? is it taking this long because they already made offers to the people they want and they not saying no to us just in case someone turns down the offer, or is it a yes and they have paperwork to sort out?

It shouldn’t be that difficult to decide yes or no after an interview, especially sine they have shortlisted the candidates.


any news?? anyone contacted them?


there is still no news yet. Perhaps, we will hear from them this week.

Has anyone else heard back from them about the result?


I really hope so. I think if they don’t respond by tomorrow I will email or call them.