Fitch Ratings Trainee Credit Analyst Program


Does anyone have any experience with the Fitch interview process?

I have received an email to do their online assessments but would be interested in finding out more information regarding their recruitment processes.



I have been invited for the tests too. Have you taken them yet?


Hi guys,

i took the tests a few days ago. Haven’t heard back yet. Does anyone know if there will be an AC for this?


Hi All

Have just taken Verbal Reasoning. Did ok in the practice run (7/10)…but found the actual test a fair bit harder. I am going to do the numerical tomorrow.

Have no idea about Fitch’s recruitment process.



I have just taken the numerical test. Was a bit tricky for me. How did you find it?

As far as I know there will be an interview and a 10-min presentation.


I survived the numerical test, think I answered 14 questions without guessing. as for verbal, blah! i’m 50/50 on that. Was so hard to tell if ans if false or can not say. I just hope there is no AC for this. I have no worries with presentation.


Hi guys,

I did the tests too and found them quite hard. Has anyone heard back from Fitch?


Not yet…hope I make it through to the next round.



Has anyone heard back from the tests, i just hope they don’t take as long to get back to us as they did at the application stage!


Not yet, still waiting …


no news yet.


yeah, that was like 3 months, I even forgot I applied to them


ye tell me about it. I take it nobody knows about the recruitment process, whether there is a telephone int or AC, searched everywhere and couldn’t find nothing!


Which department have you guys applied to???
Can all of you guys access to fitch’s careers web?

For ppl did manage to do numerical test, be patient…cause laster they held the assessment centre in early September (and you have about 1 month to prep the assessment centre). Last year, there were 4 ppl did get invited for the next round…and there was no telephone interview…I wish good luck to eveyone.


hey squidgy,

I applied for financial institutions and yeah i’m having problems accessing my application too. Do you know what the assessment centre consists of?


Only 4 people???


Did anyone else get this?

Many thanks for your interest and your continued patience throughout this process.

I am pleased to inform you that you have passed the second phase of the selection process. We will be in contact shortly with candididates with whom we would like to invite to the final selection day shortly.

Kind regards

Fitch Recruitment Team


Hi to all,

I got the same message as must-win2011. Does anyone has an idea when the final selection day is going to take place?


Got the same message aswell… what would the assessment center consist of?


I dread ACs…oh I so dread them.