First Year Insight Programme At KPMG

The Graduate


Hi Sam,

I was wondering when the First Year Insight Programme opens up for applications for London 2016 as I want to apply as soon as it opens. Will it open in September with the Graduate and Vacation programme?

Also, the recruitment process consists of a SJT, Numerical test, Verbal test, and Analysis Exercise. Are these the same tests/exercises as the ones for the Vacation and Graduate programme? I have started preparing using practice tests aimed at graduates and would like to know if the Insight Programme tests will be of the same difficulty.

Thank you!



I’ve just had a chat to a colleague, and this year, we asked candidates to complete an application form along with a few competency based questions. Applications were then put forward to 3 online tests (SJT, Numerical, Verbal), and then candidates were asked to come to a KPMG office to complete the Analysis Exercise. So yes, pretty much what you’ve said above. I have been told though, that the process may change for next year, but I wouldn’t imagine it would change radically.

It’s not yet been confirmed when we will open for the programme. What I can recommend doing is joining our Smart Network (which can be found on the KPMG careers website), which will then notify you as and when new vacancies go live on our website, which means you would be able to apply as soon as they appeared available.

I hope that helps.