First round selection day for IT consultant


I got notification that I have passed the IPATO test and could move on to the next stage which would be the first round selection day.

I know there would be a confirmation test for IPATO and group activities, but there could also be another written test according to the role which you applied.
So for IT consultant, would there be any technical written test??
If yes, I only have programming skills in Fortran, VB and a bit C++, would that be a disadvantage?

And for this role, is there any one-on-one interview in the first round selection day?


What was the IPATO test like - that’s the IBM IPATO test right?

I’m sure there’d be a one-to-one interview in the first round selection day - probably a [[technical interview]] with technical questions, or a [[case study]] rather than a full technical written test. Having said that, it is IBM, so you may well get a test!


The same topic - have you tried searching the forum before posting? It helps, you know…

IBM won’t give you tests on your programming skills. They expect you to learn all you need from their training.
Have you been told when’s yours 1st round assessment centre?

BTW, apparently you won’t be even given an interview if you fail the rest of the assessment day. They only select a few for the interview at the end of the day (at least that’s what I’ve heard).


At my first round selection day there was no interview, just 2 group exercises and a smaller form of the ipato test done on paper rather than a computer. This day had both finance and hr people on it but not sure if technical will differ. Usually interview you twice on second assesment centre. Then one more interview before job offer. Just been finally confirmed and start on 23rd Feb. Good luck with your selection day.


Thanks for the information, sounds like a lot of interviews after the selection day!
I guess I really need to practice my interview skills then, maybe a good book could help.
Well, first need to get through the selection day though, wish me luck! :smiley:


FLYiNG-BeAR, have you already had your 1st round interview?


Not yet, scheduled on two weeks later,to london.
Hope there wouldn’t be any more written test apart from the IPATO confirmation test.


How long have you waited from knowing that you are through to the next step and actually having the interview arranged?


After passing the test, it took only about a week to receive date and information for the first selection day. I don’t think there would be any formal interview though on that day. From what I heard it would only be introductions, group activity, ipato confirmation test, etc.
I assume the interview would only be given after being successful at the final stage.


Anyone else received an email from IBM saying that they’ve filled all the positions? That’s a bit strange considering that I’ve applied in September. Anyone else in the same situation?


yes, I got the same thing…
I applied in Oct…its their fault in the first place to give me the wrong code for the online test, then I waited for weeks for them to sort that out, now they are telling me its too late?! what a shame…
Even theres credit issue, IBM got good profit right? Instead of being a good leader to save the current grad employment situation, they cut more grad positions, how great!


Yeah, that’s a real shame… I guess if you really want to get a job - it’s all about waiting game now… At least I am not going to recall my application - not after 6 months of waiting. If they’ll get some positions in during September with a starting date in January-February - that will do just fine. Although being ‘on hold’ for the last 6 months makes me wonder whether it might happen again with the next take-in of graduates… I am not 100% confident now that I can trust them to contact me when the position becomes available…

Looks like it is time to think about getting any job after graduation and just wait for the recession to be over… Definitely not the best time to be a graduate.


Anyone has gone through the first round selection day for IT Consultant? What is it all about? Do they interview you on the same day?


Those who are in interview stage, can you please share how did you prepared for “Data Matrics” part of IPATO test? I couldn’t find any help on this area…neither in books nor on website. Would sincerely appreciate your advice.


Hello, I had my first round selection day at IBM a few days ago, and they rejected me shortly afterwards. Apparently I did not meet all of the “requirements” they were looking for in the group exercises. I haven’t found anything on their website regarding the group exercise “requirements”. I am a little surprised. I personally have no idea what I could have possibly done wrong, as I thought I had performed sufficiently. And regardless, I heard that the selection day is not competitive at all, so that it’s not necessary to be the best performer in the group to pass. Does anyone here know what they might be talking about? Thanks.


Hello, I’ve got a selection day for IBM’s Grad Business Consultant role coming up on 13th June 2012 @1.15, anyone have any advice on what to expect?

Anyone else gonna be there?

Cheers Ram