First Phone Interview - Standard Chartered International Graduate Program - Whole Sale Banking - Dubai


Hello Everyone,

Can anyone provide any kind of information, tips, or hints for the first phone interview with Stan Chart international graduate program for wholesale banking in Dubai?

what kind of questions do they ask? are there any numerical questions?

I am having my interview on the 6th of April.

would appreciate your input.


Hope you had an excellent interview. I am trying for India position and have passed the numerical test and got an invitation got Talent assessment (TA). I have heard that TA is one of the toughest test and lots of my batch mates got rejected at this stage.

I was just wondering how did you managed to pass TA. Should I be natural and be me or there shall I keep key competencies(that Stan Cart asks for) in my mind and write TA.


I followed the advice I picked up on another forum(an African one) and passed my TA. In summary

-Even though employers(not just SCB) say that one should be honest in TA’s, truth is that if your answers don’t reflect what they’re looking for, you’ll fail.If ‘there are no right or wrong answers’ as they like to say, your friends wouldn’t have failed.

-Treat these like true/false questions.Only use the extremes,NEVER choose the neutral answer.

-They ask the same questions throughout,just different wording. If you’ve ever done essays at uni level, you’ll know about the art of paraphrasing so they can’t trick u on this one.Be extremely consistent.Don’t say you extremely agree and then 5 questions later when they ask it in a diff way you choose a diff option

-I personally found it better to answer each question within 10 seconds(though u get more than this) coz it was easy for me to remember my previous answers and definitely concentrate. I did mine around 2am when everyone was asleep and no outside noise to distract

-Have a good night sleep and make sure that ur phone is off when you do the test.GOOD LUCK!


Hey there,

I just applied to the SCB program and was wondering if anyone could give me a hint of what the essay questions are like?

your input is much appreciated,



hey… @GoMaswe what forum was that? i am applying from an african country and my final interview is soon, it might be helpful


Hi GoMaswe,

I have applied to an African country. Just wanted to find out whether there’s a logical test as well.

Thanks in advance.


Has anyone had a consumer standard chartered bank consumer banking phone interview before?


Hi guys,
can any one who has done the online numerical test or the telephone interview for for SCB’s fast truck consumer banking programme share his/her experience please.



Hello Osama,
So how was your interview, I have one tomorrow ? what was the subject of discussion? did you get there finally?
Thanks in advance


How did the process go?
I am applying for the program


i going to have my first telephonic interview…any tips and hints for this interview?