First Interview with Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton

I have just got back from a first interview with Grant Thornton and thought I’d share my experiences as Wiki Job has been amazing in helping me feel much more confident before interviews.
The interview lasted about 45 minutes and was held at the office I have applied to. There were two people interviewing me. Somebody from the department I applied to and someone from HR.
All the questions I got asked were asked in a kind of roundabout way, for example, instead of just ‘why tax?’ I was asked ‘why are you considering a graduate role in the tax department?’. I’ve simplified the questions I got asked below.

Why did you choose your university?
Why did you choose your course?
How did you hear about Grant Thornton?
What skills have you gained from your work experience?
Tell me about:
A time you have used your initiative
A time you have had to prioritise and how you did this
A time you worked in a successful team. How was the team successful?
A time you have struggled to reach a deadline
Why Tax?
Why do you think you would be suitable to a role in your chosen department?
Why Grant Thornton?

And then I got a chance to ask a few questions and then I left.

I don’t think I got through though. I had an interview yesterday as well and my brain is a bit mushed up now with interview prep and revision! I knew what I wanted to say but didn’t get the answers out very articulately!
If anybody has any more questions feel free to ask.
My interview yesterday was at PKF so I can also answer any questions on their first interview too.


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your post - I have my first interview with Grant Thornton tomorrow so your post is really useful! Also useful to know I will be facing two people rather than 1!!

When did they say they would contact you about being successful or not? I hope mine goes ok, I haven’t done that much specific research to GT, did they expect you to know loads of info about them?



Not loads of information. In fact they didn’t really ask me what I knew about Grant Thornton just why I wanted to work for them. They didn’t even ask why them and not big four although I did slip in the fact that I thought working for them would provide a greater variety of clients so maybe that’s why.
They said I should know by the beginning of next week so I assume Monday or Tuesday.
Good Luck! What office is your interview at?


Hey music 107 how did it go?
I received an e-mail today inviting me to a final round interview so quite surprised but happy at that!


hello - it was more of a chat than anything! not too sure how it went really, it was just with a manager and he asked a few competency questions but we diverged quite alot of the subject. quite a fun interview actually as they go! will let you know when i hear - well done on getting through thats brilliant!!


Hi guys!
Very informative conversation so I’m gonna intrude :slight_smile:
I had an interview with GT on Tuesday but found out yesterday I didnt get through!So just wishing you guys the best with it. Let us know how it went music107

And also there was only one interviewer for me, and she asked very similar questions to those Rachel has said. Mine lasted about 40mins-very friendly interviewer!
Ive got an interview at PKF on Monday so if anyone can help with that, much apprecieated!!


Sorry to hear you didn’t make it through. Sometimes I don’t know how they even differentiate between one person and another!

My interview with PKF was very similar to the GT one really. I had 3 interviewers for that!! Well 2 people from the department I had applied to and one from HR. It was only really the HR one that asked the questions though and the other 2 just made notes and were available to ask more specific questions to at the end.
I can’t remember all the questions but I’ll list the ones I can remember:
What do you know about PKF? (Be sure you know what services they offer because I got asked this and my mind went blank after assurance, tax and corporate finance!)
Why your Uni?
Why your course?
Why this office? (i.e Why Manchester etc.)
Why PKF?
What do you know about the qualification?
What would you do if you went to a client and they were very angry and irate?
What would you do if you had a week before an exam and were 100% certain you would fail?
Where else have you applied to?

And that was it. The HR woman then told me a bit more about the company and what you would be expected to do etc.
I liked the interview, was more of a discussion rather than being thrown questions about competencies.


Thanks fot that info!!It should really help!!

3 interviewers!??Im nervous when theres 1 lol never mind 3 of them!!!Couple of interesting questions like the one about the client being angry,I better start thinking then!
Which office was your PKF interview at btw!?


I wish I’d had a bit more info on what to expect before I went so no problem. I was scared when I saw there would be 3 of them too but it’s fine, most of the time they are all writing anyway but when one is looking up make sure you speak to them if you know what I mean.

I can’t remember if there are any other questions like that but most are hypothetical rather than tell me about a time when you… so I found them much easier to answer.
My interview was for the Sheffield office. Where is yours for?


Yeah I’d probably rather have these sort of questions than the competency based ones too.
Thanks again for the advice, my interview is at the Manchester office.

They emailed me actually and said that there would be two people interviewing me, one person from HR and a manager from the relevant department so Im assuming theres going to be just two then. Sheffield must be a little dfferent then.


I have an interview with Grant thornton on tuesday morning in the Cardiff Office. I was just wondering whether you think the questions asked are standardised across all their offices? I had a letter from them about the key areas of the interview and two of them were resilience and credibilty. I cant think of any possible questions on these areas. Was wondering if any of you had any questions in the interview on these areas? or possible questions they could ask?

Any help would be great!


Alrite guys,

Just thought i’d let you know I had the PKF interview earlier today. I thought it went pretty well. There were 2 interviewers as expected both very friendly but I did think mine resembled more of an interview than a discussion to be honest but perhaps it was just the way these guys did things!

Rachel thankyou for the advice it actually helped a lot,nearly all the questions came up! I’ll find out a week on Wedsnesday so fingers crossed!


In response to your queries I think there questions are pretty much standardised across the offices because I got very similar questions to the ones listed at the top of the page( struggled on the ‘struggled to reach a deadline’ question personally so think of your answer!). One other question I was asked not listed above was How do you organise your work/yourself? so they could ask that. Otherwise the q’s very similar to above.

With regard to the credibilty and resilience areas I was not asked directly about these dunno bout the other guys.
Good luck anyway mate.


Oh well I hope you hear good news regarding that. It’s strange how the different offices work because I found out whilst I was on the train home! But they said even if I’d been unsuccessful it would have been the next day so I don’t want to worry you!
I have my final interview with Grant Thornton tomorrow. I am very nervous! The e-mail says I need to ask for one of 2 managers at the reception so confused whether I have the interview with both or just whoever is free :S And then that I will ‘potentially’ meet a partner and have a trip around the office. So whether If I don’t that means they have decided they don’t want me. Arggghhhh!
Will let you all know what I get asked when I get back tomorrow.


Thank you very much for the tips luue and rachael. I think im all prepared for interview now, just a bit nervous now! hope everyting with your interviews go ok. I will let you know how it goes?

Many thanks agen!


hi rachel - got through GT interview and got my final one on wednesday. sounds like it’s going to be pretty similar to the first interview I had as they said it would be with a manager as well. Not sure what else to look at! When is your final interview??? I think the questions are certainly standardised but it’s obviously at the interviewers choice which ones to ask you and where to expand, if they feel the need to do so. With mine, I felt like I hardly answered any competency questions, but there were a few and I think he was supposed to ask me more. Good luck anyway Mukk273, and rachel hope your final one goes well!


also rachel - just wondered who they said would be in your interview? mine says it’s with a manager, then maybe a chat with a partner afterwards? what does that mean? partner interview or not?!?!?!


Final one is tomorrow and yes sounds very similar in that they’ll go over education and work experience again along with commitment to career and Grant Thornton. Hopefully won’t be too scary. I’ll try and get on here tomorrow night afterwards and let you know what sort of things I was asked if yours is on Wednesday.


that would be absolutely amazing if you could! good luck - hope it goes well and you get the job!


Oh didn’t see your second comment when I first posted. Yes mine says potentially with a partner so I’m a bit confused about that. Maybe it depends on if the partner is free or whether they think you have done well enough to justify seeing the partner. The interview slot I booked says its an hour and a half but the email I was sent said it will last an hour, its all very confusing. Maybe the extra half hour is if you see the partner? :S


Well I just got back from my first round interview and fingers crossed I think it went OK. I had quite difficult questions I thought, quite a few that wasnt mentioned above, and they seemed to ask questions about most of the statements I said, asking what I would change if I was in certain circumstances again etc. Also asked me to say about something in the news that interested me, and how that would effect Grant Thornton and then how that would effect the Audit department…luckily I knew a little about the intrest rates and adapted it to the buisness, so hope it went Ok anyway! They said at the end that they were only taking on 2-3 in the Cardiff department (which is the one that I had the interview for) but that Id defenitately hear by the end of the week.

Hope yours has gone well Rachael and your future one does Luue!