First interview time - is asking about salary a good question, or one to be avoided?


Interview with KPMG on Tuesday, preparing well thanks to this site and all, but currently wondering about a couple of questions to ask at the end; as ever firms say their salaries are £competitive, but is a bit forward to ask how much I would be earning at the first interview stage…?


no, don’t ask that at any stage!!!


‘’‘DO NOT DISCUSS SALARY’’’ at ‘‘any’’ stage of the interview process.

‘’‘JoyRevision’’’ - As you may/may not be aware, I used to be a graduate recruiter and one of the worst possible questions a candidate can ask, is about salary. Asking this indicates that money is a big motivation for you, when at interview you need to show that the specific company you are interviewing at is your key motivator - i.e. you want to work at E&Y because their style of work and company ethos suits you as a person and you are impressed by the way they do business, etc, etc… not because they have a good pay packet! Recruters hate this question, it just ruins the impression they have of you.

Furthermore, it is very easy to find out/figure out the salary you’ll be getting (from company website/this site/friends/careers offices) and so asking at interview shows you have done limited research.

And further - your interviewer would wonder why you had applied for the role, if you unaware of the salary you’d be receiving.

Stay away from salary/holiday/benefits at interview! It is a bad idea! :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay doke, thanks - thought it was a worthwhile question to ask on here! I come from the forum once again better informed! Are there any suggestions for what good questions there are to ask at the end of an interview?


I think a good question is about social activities within the firm e.g. sports, days out, meals, etc. Shows you’re interested in fitting in with your colleagues and not just looking for a 9-5 that pays the bills.



I’d prepare three questions to ask, but only ask a maximum of two questions at the end of your interview (your interviewer will want to finish up as much as you do - but it is essential you make a point of asking questions to show your enthusiasm!)

A social activities question would be good. Perhaps something about “in light of the current credit crisis, do you foresee that this firm will suffer any major consequences?” would also be good. One lighter/social side/job based question and one more taxing/general/business type question would be a good mix.

Asking about [[Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)]] is also, usually a good idea. For example, asking about the CSR activities the firm are involved in and how you could be involved with them shows an interest in social action, and enthusiasm for putting in more work than is expected.

HR type people would probaly like candidates to ask this type of question more than technical staff/partners/managers, but go with your gut instincts. If your interviewer is wearing a “save trees” pin badge then asking a [[Corporate social responsibility (csr)|CSR]] type question is good. If they told you they invest heavily in BAE systems and drive a Chelsea tractor, perhaps not!

Good luck.