Firms culture


I have a question, how does one apply the firms “culture” into their application, im wondering if someone can give an example, as I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it right, due to the lackluster turn out of my applications.

Would it be to, find that the firm is keen on sports and discuss sports in the application or would it be to find that the firm does most its work around litigation and base the app around interests in litigation? or is it something else?

And how does one find the firms “culture” ?


Essentially, they’re looking for quality of content and communication in the answers to their questions. My advice would be to quadruple check your applications. Look at your answers with a critical eye and ask the following questions:

  1. Can I justify my answer? Is it written with a view to the question?
  2. Is the content justified? Can I find a better example to exemplify XYZ competency?

My other piece of advice is never ever copy and paste. Start from scratch. Think yourself as a sculpturer of words; keep working at the flow and content of your answers until you are 100% satisfied.

Learning about the firms culture is good preparation for interview. I suggest you look at the “VAULT top 50 UK Law firms” guide - they’re extremely candid about the culture of each firm.

Finally, as my 6th form tutor put it (some time back) - “competitive applications are a lottery”. Keep up your submission of quality applications, and rest assured you will get a training contract.

Best of luck.